GP Austria: Video: the day that Schumacher marveled at in Austria


may 17, 2003, a glorious day of sun in Spielberg was waiting, impatient to begin the classification of the Grand Prix of Austria of Formula 1. Kimi Räikkönen, who already had a year of experience at McLaren, he was leading the championship with a four-point advantage over Michael Schumacher.

The finn was competing with the McLaren MP4-17D, it was more of the car from the previous season up to date, while waiting for the revolutionary MP4-18, which eventually proved to be a resounding failure of Adrian Newey and not their debut. For his part, Michael Schumacher already had with the new Ferrari F2003-GA, named in honour of Gianni Agnelli, who died in January of that same year. The F2003 had made its debut in the previous race held in Spain, after the start of Maranello the season with the F2002 of last year.

Michael Schumacher ended up winning the Grand Prize for little more than three seconds over Kimi Räikkönen and, for this purpose, was used extensively during the classification, in which he made two laps of the teachers allowed him to get the pole position.

The fastest lap due to the circuit of the austrian Spielberg, even in spite of the brutal contravolante of the last curve.

The lap that earned him pole position Michael Schumacher. Essential to enjoy the yaw controlled braking of Remus, right at the beginning of the second sector.