GP Austria: Williams, with very good feelings about dry


there has Not been a day too
eye-catching to Valtteri Bottas in terms of time is concerned, but
the expectations on dry asphalt are good. In spite of this,
team worked on wet in order to be prepared against a possible
race with rain.

“it Was a complicated day in terms of equillibrio of the
car. Obviously, with the rain in the free 2, suffer with the
car set-up, but I’m sure that before the
free 3 tomorrow, we can still better the car and our times
lap. I Think that was a good idea to go out in the rain to check the
balance, because there is a possibility of rain for the rest of the order
. We now have a good idea of how the car works in
wet conditions and we know what adjustments we need to if
it rains”.

Felipe Massa highlighted the evolution of the track with the new
changes that have been undertaken this year, especially
. The brazilian did not miss the opportunity to ride in the wet
to advance the development in these conditions.

it was a
Friday perfect for the time, but at least we did some laps
in the wet, as well as in dry, in order to understand the car on both
conditions, so that was not bad
. We were not able to learn all that
we would have liked for the weather, but the sensations of
car were good in the wet, with half the track wet and the other
half quite dry. So it was on a Friday acceptable to understand
the car.”

The track is much more
faster than before because the grip of the asphalt is increased and pianos
are flat, so you can use them much more than in the past
You can have a difficult time if you use them too much, but
it depends on you how much to use. Now we need to wait until
morning to understand where we are, once we are all with
tires and similar charges”.

Rob Smedley, Head of
Performance of the team, was especially thrilled with the
the car’s behavior on dry and expected that the improvements
to introduce the Saturday in the car
, allow them to make even more progress.

“I Am
very pleased with how competitive we are with the dry tyres.
There are many
unknowns for the rest of the weekend, but is good because
we have several improvements for tomorrow
we will try to place in the
car and should enable us to move forward”.

“The new asphalt
offers a bit more grip than before, but not a lot. The
pianos are much lower, and the pilots have commented that the track
it is particularly quick for it. we are Still learning of the
asphalt and its interaction with the rubber, the trick is to understand how