GP Bahrain: Alonso reveals the real extent of their injuries in lung and ribs


After the announcement this morning that Fernando Alonso would dispute the Bahrain Grand Prix due to a few anomalous results in the medical tests carried out today, the Spanish rider explained, at the press conference of the FIA, the real situation, revealing that, indeed, he sustained injuries in his accident at Albert Park, something that the champion spaniard has kept hidden of the public light until today.

Alonso started recapitulating from the day of the accident, and claimed to have suffered a pneumothorax, a collapsed lung caused by a buildup of air between the lung and the chest wall. “last week, was Sunday. A bit of a pain in a knee, but nothing great. I received the green light to exit the circuit and all was well. On Monday I had a little bit of general soreness, nothing very serious. Then I came back, I came to Spain, and the pain was a little higher, so we did a check-the appropriate and I had a small pneumothorax in the lung”

The main cause that keeps Alonso out of his car, however, are a few broken ribs: “The doctors advised me to rest at home and to repeat the scanner last Monday. The pneumothorax is gone, more or less, but I have some fractured ribs. Given that, inside a Formula 1, you are in a position very concrete, and with the G forces, there was a risk that fractures could move to the lung. It is not like a leg or a broken arm, that you can bear the pain; it is the chest, where are the bodies, so we can’t do much more”.


Asked about his chances of being on the grid for the next Grand Prix, in China, within two weeks, Fernando could not give a concrete answer: is Not 100% secure. I will have to do another test in the next 8 or 10 days, and after that the FIA will evaluate me again, like today. I am pretty much recovered from the pneumothorax, it just the ribs are not ‘glued’, so that can be a problem. Is a very small risk, but I understand that you don’t want to run any risk, so it is a matter of time. In the next 10 days should be fine, but we cannot guarantee it; it may be five days, maybe 10, maybe 12″.

Away to catch a flight to Asturias, or to Dubai, to continue with their recovery, the pilot of McLaren will be present during the weekend on the circuit attending to his substitute, the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne. “The team has done a fantastic job preparing the car, so I wanted to try until the last moment. Now I will stay all weekend to help Stoffel because it is a great opportunity for him, and to help the team, because I love what I do, I love F1 and racing. I want to learn from the outside how he prepares the team, the shares in the classification, the strategy, the pit stop… I Want to be involved in everything from the outside, because it can help me in there the next time“.