GP Bahrain: Alonso will have to use a second engine in Bahrain


Fernando Alonso suffered a major accident along with Esteban Gutierrez in the past Australian Grand Prix held in Albert Park and, after confirming that both drivers came out unscathed of the same, one of the main concerns is focused on know if the thruster unit of the McLaren’s Spanish could be re-used or if, on the contrary, Alonso would have to face the rest of the season with only four units.

In the absence of a more extensive research, Honda has confirmed to Motorsport “there is a high probability that the greater part of the thruster unit has been damaged in the accident. It is still early to say if there is a possibility of saving some parts, while we will use a new in the Bahrain Grand Prix”.

therefore, it is confirmed that some parts of the set will need to be replaced, and now only it remains to be seen if they will ultimately be all or any of them may be reused in successive races.

In contrast, Kimi Räikkönen yes you can re-use your drive Melbourne, despite having to retire with the car in flames after overheating the turbo, that will be the only part of the propellant that must be changed to Bahrain.