GP Bahrain: Ferrari wants to win after a good Saturday


it Was expected that Ferrari would iron out the disadvantage with Mercedes, and thus has been. Unfortunately for the Scuderia, has not been enough to unsettle the pole of the dominant German car, but the distances are closer than ever. Sebastian Vettel was the best exponent of that improvement.

neither he Nor his companion were able to improve in his second attempt, on the contrary that Hamilton and Rosberg, but his 1:30.0, which will allow you to go third party, invites the optimism for tomorrow’s race: “I’m happy to have fought. We’ll see where we are during the race. Today there is nothing to complain about. Is a great surprise that both Lewis as Nico, in the end, they were able to improve both. For me, the circuit was the same as in the previous attempt, and that’s why my time was virtually the same. Tomorrow we hope to have a good output, but I don’t think we do that in Australia”.

“we Know that we are not yet where we want to be, but I think that we’re pushing very hard. To put it in simple terms, I’d love to win tomorrow. Of course, if we had more speed, we also have more options of victory. But I think that we are on the right path, we are a team and try to improve together. Today has been a good day for us, the whole balance of the car was good, and we’ve achieved everything what we wanted”.


Just after the German finished his teammate Kimi Räikkönen. The Finnish curd a good first attempt in Q3, but failed to make progress in his second round, and had to settle with the fourth position: “All went pretty well, but obviously it would have been better to gain some positions. With the last set of tyres superblandos, I’ve had some difficulties in the first turns, so I was not able to improve my time, but apart from that everything just seemed right”.

“Even so, it is not the result we want, we want to be in the front. We have more work to do, because we are more or less close to where we want to be. Tomorrow we will try to improve on where we have just today and will give you the maximum”.