GP Bahrain: FIA proposes a classification by times added; vote Thursday


For the second Grand Prix in a row, the meeting of the teams on the Sunday of the race to discuss the classification ends without having any relevance, or effective measure. On this occasion, not even a decision has been made, after 90 minutes of meeting. This is because the FIA and Ecclestone have proposed an entirely new system, that should be evaluated and voted, by what has been agreed to meet again on Thursday, with more calm.

, The proposed format is that, in each segment (Q1, Q2 and Q3), the end time of each pilot would be the first nine months of his two best laps. In this scenario, Nico Rosberg would have obtained the pole yesterday, and not Lewis Hamilton. It is unknown, for the moment, if this spells the end of the “deletions” or an increase of the sets of tyres available. The option to return to the system in 2015, in the words of Christian Horner, is ruled out, since both the FIA and, above all, the promoters are “reluctant” to do so. All this, in the middle of a situation that has become a tremendous headache for the Formula 1.

After the refusal of the Strategy Group to change the format by the lack of unanimity in the initial petition, the ranking by elimination, he received a second chance this Saturday, providing situations similar to those seen in Australia, in which the order of each session was quite decided several minutes prior to its conclusion, and forcing even teams like Williams bring their cars to spin out more “for the good of the sport”.

This morning Toto Wolff said that the Formula 1 should “crucify him publicly,” to any block a change in the classification system. The situation continues to have an output very complicated, and will continue to do so as long as you continue without to be unanimity on how to proceed. Until then, not only there are no winners, if not a great loser: the competition itself.