GP Bahrain: Formula 1 rectifies and maintain the classification by elimination in Bahrain


The current system of classification for disposal will be at least one Great Prize, without changing a single comma. This is the decision adopted by the Strategy Group at a meeting this Thursday, as reported by Autosport. This new turn of events, regarding which is the great controversy of this start of the season, coming only four days after the teams agreed to request their removal with immediate effect, after a criticized and a little exciting debut in Melbourne.

From the Strategy Group, it is believed that the announcement of the Sunday was made in a hasty way and without a total unanimity on the part of the equipment; the classification system you need a second chance on a path, weather conditions and different circumstances at Albert Park, as the that you will experience in Bahrain; and that after must conduct an in-depth review to make the appropriate adjustments.

This decision has already been ratified by the Commission of the Formula 1, a body formed by representatives of the main stakeholders involved in the management of the sport. One of the options discussed, and that had already been raised these days by Renault, Force India, and other stakeholders, was that of introduce a mixed system, in which Q1 and Q2 are made by removal, and in which only the Q3 to return to its usual format. Such modification, however, did not gain the unanimous support required to be submitted to the Council of Motor of the FIA.

In a statement to Autosport, Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that this is the final decision of face-to-Bahrain. are Going to do what I proposed, which is to leave things as they are for this race. After that, we’ll take a good look at it to decide if what we did was right or not, and if it needs to be modified or removed”.

This was an idea of the FIA from the beginning, so I told them that we will support whatever who believe that is the right thing. But, as no one knows what is right, we have said that we will stay as we are and what we will look at after the race. Having spent two races, to be a prototype” (sic) “we will be able to see what was good or evil.” “The teams did not understand what they were doing, which is not helped at all”, concluded Ecclestone.