GP Bahrain: Herbert says that Alonso should retire


a Second consecutive season in which Fernando Alonso should
give up participating in a Grand Prix and already begin to appear
those who claim that the Spanish must retire to his 34 years. In statements collected by Sky Sports, Johnny
Herbert says he does not believe that “Alonso must go. The reason why
that I say that is because with Fernando to his maximum level -and the last
once we saw it was probably in 2011-2012 at Ferrari, it’s always
you could notice that I was on the edge,”
, pointing out in addition that is
very aware of that “things have changed in the
cars is concerned, but in terms of performance we are not seeing
a two-time Champion of the World that all say that it is in your best
time. I don’t see it. And we have not seen to dominate at McLaren and Jenson
has done better work
, said Herbert.

“I don’t see passion in him for driving and take himself to the limit when you are in a F1”

despite the information that ensure that Fernando Alonso
keep pressing the doctors to participate in the
Bahrain Grand Prix -a circumstance that is possible if you participate in the session
rating-, Herbert does not see enough motivation in Spanish.
“you don’t like these new cars, is all the more reason to
retire. Seems unmotivated, and it all adds up to cause a
performance-don’t wait
a two-time World Champion. Not
I see passion in him for driving and take yourself to the limit
when it is in a single-seater F1”

Herbert admits that the Spanish “is still a pilot smart and
know where to place the car but has no rhythm. The error that
we saw in Australia was his mistake, an incident that seems so much
Michael Schumacher had with Vergne in Singapore”
, ending
his arguments by stating that “the things he says, the things that
have spent on the track, its performance in classification and the error
Australia, to me, indicate that it is time to hang up the