GP Bahrain: Kimi Räikkönen gives for a good second place


Kimi Räikkönen catch a good performance in the Bahrain Grand Prix, occupying the second position of the podium. The Finnish, in spite of this, it was not a direct threat to Nico Rosberg in no time. “If, obviously has not gone very badly. I’ve had a bad start, and when we recovered after a few laps, we were in a line behind Nico, so it is very difficult to move forward from there, but we did what we could, and we had good speed. Not enough to win, but we settle with the second position and we will try to improve from there”.

Asked if his error in the output may have conditioned their options to win, Kimi was of the view that “it is not possible to know. Obviously, this is the end result, and we had good speed in the race. we don’t know exactly what happened in the output, if I had any problems or if I made a mistake. Just finished skating. Obviously I was surprised, but I managed to endure a good position after a out so bad”.

Räikkönen seems to have a love affair with Bahrain. Despite not having won never in this path, has stood on the podium in 8 of their 11 participations, five of them in second place. “I don’t think we do anything special. it Just seems that it happens here. Maybe there are some circuits in which it seems that we always have all the bad luck…”.

Also spoke about the abandonment of Sebastian Vettel: “I don’t know what happened with the other car. Something has to go wrong. I had a problem in the last race, Seb has had here… is Not ideal, do not want to have to leave and lose points for the championship, so we have work ahead of us. It is an unfortunate part of the game”.