GP Bahrain: Mercedes wins and Hamilton controls damage


the output of The Grand Prix of Bahrain marked by complete performance of the team Mercedes, which, once more, came out victorious. Nico Rosberg was again the winner, taking advantage of a chaotic exit to go in the lead and win the race with the only opposition, in the distance, Kimi Räikkönen. “it Has been a fantastic weekend. The output has been key. We have been working a lot on them and I am glad that has turned out well, from the dirty side of the grid, since then the car went great, so I tried to control the pace and be on the safe side”.

The German pilot managed their advantage with the ability to not let go of a career that had only to tie in short. Opt for the safest strategy, not the fastest, just to cover any eventuality. I’m going race to race, it’s great to win today and take two in a row, is already. These are good points, that is what is important. Whether they are 5 victories, or 3 in a row, do not pose a great diferencia”.


For Lewis Hamilton, the race started uphill after touching with Valtteri Bottas. The british managed to trace fast and occupy the last step of the podium, but the damage to his car prevented him from trace more: “Have been two separate incidents, but both are equally painful, today maybe a little more. If you start on pole and you go back, it quickly turns into a domino effect. I lost a lot of performance and I’m not quite sure what happened at turn 1. Whoever was inside was in a blind spot and not him I saw. It was a racing incident”.

“We have managed to recover positions and get some points. We might have had to leave, so, again, damage control. The team hoped that there was a Safety Car. I had so much damage to the car that I couldn’t continue to Kimi. I tried, with much less rear-wheel drive and keeping gums by if you had a chance with a Safety Car”.