GP Bahrain: Pirelli announces the selection of compounds for Bahrain


The suminstradora official tire of the Formula 1, Pirelli, has provided today the selection of tires that each team and pilot have been requested for the forthcoming Bahrain Grand Prix, which will be held between the 1 and 3 April. After the variety of strategic view in Australia, the teams have opted to give it a more turn of the screw in a path more demanding for the tires, and its elections exhibit interesting variations.

The main discrepancy lies in the number of sets of soft tyres, which varies from 3 that will be able to mount both drivers of Williams, up to 7 that will be available to Max Verstappen. Behind him, his teammate Carlos Sainz with 6, the same that will carry the Mercedes.

On this occasion, the two pilots of the German brand choose to wear the same distribution of tires, and they only have a tire, which can only be used in the race, as Esteban GutiƩrrez, Verstappen and the two Renault. At the opposite end, the Manor and Felipe Nasr, with up to 4 sets of stockings.

Ferrari and McLaren, for their part, have also the same distribution of tyres, sacrificing soft (4) to dispose of more means (3) without renouncing to a number of generous superblandos, 6. This section, leading Williams, Renault and Manor, with 7 games of the tyre more soft available. Although here there is little variety, stresses that the Manor has only 4, having made the selection more uniform distribution of the grill.

Thus the things, open the door to numerous variants in the strategies of the race, which will be marked by the use of the tires for free. Mercedes will have to go to the adventure in the race with a game this year have not been tested in conditions of heat as those of Bahrain, but, at the same time, have more soft than their direct competitors, like Toro Rosso.