GP Bahrain: Positive Friday in Bahrain for Red Bull


Although a priori the circuit in Sahkir is not the most conducive to the configuration of the RB12, Red Bull has closed a positive Friday in Bahrain. The austrian team has completed the first two sessions of free collecting a large amount of data, since the team has carried out an intensive testing programme in which they have had time to test all of the tires under various track conditions and the car. While Ricciardo complete 50 laps of the path, Kvyat did 64 laps in what the Russian pilot has it listed as its best Friday since the militants of Red Bull.

Daniil Kvyat has scored a better record of 1.32.703, time that has served to finish in seventh position for the FP2. After this result, which in theory does not seem too prominent, the Russian has been very pleased with his work throughout the first two sessions of free practice: “it Has been the best Friday since I’m on Red Bull. We’ve got a lot of shooting useful. Suspir√°bamos for a Friday clean after the problems we had in Melbourne because it was crucial to have a day as well. Hopefully tomorrow we can take a few steps forward“.

in spite of this, Kvyat understood that the competition will be tough. In fact, the Russian pilot points to McLaren as one of the teams to keep in mind after the good performance shown by the british team in these first minutes of the weekend: “there Were a couple of surprises today. McLaren without a doubt it was one of these surprises. We’ll have to see tomorrow up to where they can reach you, but we have to focus on doing well a couple of things. We just have to work hard”.


Daniel Ricciardo has not been as positive. The pilot
australian has made 50 spins, and as explained, has not been able to
to complete the test programme planned by Red Bull. In any
case, Ricciardo has finished fourth in FP1 and ninth in FP2, where
does not seem to have found the right rhythm:In the free 2 I have not been able to
have good runs
. In the first round I blocked the tire
front and I have not been able to use it to do a long run, so I
lost all that option. In addition, the long run full of fuel was
interrupted by the Safety Car Virtual

With this work
interrupted, Ricciardo appeals to the good feelings of their companion:
“I Think that Daniil has had a good day, yes we will have to rely
in their data during the night
. The short runs are probably more
similar to Melbourne, in the limit of being able to get into Q3. Without
however, I think that the pace of the race will be something better that in the
last race for the tyres. To be qualified where to be qualified, I think
we are going to have better race pace”.