GP Bahrain: Superb doublet of Mercedes in Q3 in Bahrain


Masterful and dominating. While the Formula 1 expresses its abhorrence to the new classification system, the british pilot continues to add pole after pole to his resume. In Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton added his fifty-first pole position in F1 and did so in a big way, with a track record. The 1:29.493 of the british was more rapid than the eternal record of Pedro Martínez de la Rosa (2005) and was unattainable for a Nico Rosberg who had to settle with the second position, demonstrating that the supremacy and might of Mercedes in relation to Ferrari. Both pilots indicate that race may be different.

Under these terms of prudence moved Lewis Hamilton after the qualifying session: The race will be different, especially for the consumption of tires. It may be that a return be quick, but that does not mean that we go fast in the race”. Asked at a press conference by the classification system, Hamilton showed neutral: “For me there is no difference, salts and even change positions to us does not affect us much. you Have to go out and do a perfect lap, only now do it before“.

In relation to their performance in the qualifying session, Hamilton attributed his time to the improvement that present the cars in relation to previous years, although it also highlighted that it had united the three sectors at the time key: “In the free Nico me to take off a tenth here and there, but I was finally able to unite around a turn, was very satisfactory. I am very happy. It is also the development of the car and a little also the tires, which seem to be working very well this weekend, so it is normal that we are a point ahead of last year. The car is, at the global level, the better, but the rest of the cars have also improved in terms of power”.


Nico Rosberg closed out the Q3 in the second position, 77 thousandths
of your companion box: “During the whole weekend the car has gone
pretty good. In the end, the classification has also been good, I’ve just
been to 77 mils
. I think Lewis did a great lap in the final part,
because my swing was very good and at times I was sure to stay with the
pole, but it was not so. Anyway, this is a circuit where the pole has
unless the strategy and have opportunities
. There are three types of tires and
the Safety Car may appear”.

by Analyzing in greater depth the race tomorrow,
Rosberg does not forget the Ferrari drivers: “in Addition to everything said,
are the two Ferrari drivers just behind us. We have a grill
output identical to Australia and we all know what happened in the first corner.
I Believe we will see many different strategies and people are going to
surprising because some will not work
, although we will see many
stops. We will try to use the best possible strategy, but I insist,
Ferrari is going to be a great threat“.