GP Belgium: Alonso: “After 200 meters, I have been told that you stop”


things do not improve for Fernando Alonso, that he returned to stay without a play-session for the second time in the Grand Prix of Belgium. On this occasion it was in the Q1, after a drop in pressure that the Honda engineers came to intuit at the end of the third session free practice, but that did not detect.

Taking into account that the Spanish already drew a penalty that sent him to the bottom of the grill in any case, the engineers decided to keep the engine in the car and check it during the Q1. as soon as the Spanish came to the track, saw what the problem was and ordered Alonso to stop the car, which he did in the line of Malmedy.

“On the last lap of the Free 3 it seemed that there was a
problem in the engine. Tried to see without a lot of success if they could
improve. We went to the standings to see if we could understand
a bit more the anomaly that they had seen in the telemetry, but
after 200 metres, I would have said: ‘for the car, for the car’
. Not yet
I know what you’ve seen, but I suppose there’s something wrong. There will be that
review it all and see what we make tomorrow”.

Finally, Yusuke Hasegawa confirmed that it is necessary to change again the engine, so that Alonso played the race with a new one. In any case, Alonso emphasizes that Jenson Button has been able to roll without problems during all the Grand Prix with an engine identical to yours.

We have
thought to put motors later if there is any evolution, so
there will be more penalties in the future. But we learn each
time there is a problem in the power unit and that certainly
it will help to strengthen the engine of the year is coming
. The engine
Jenson takes rolling since yesterday and it is exactly the same, it is a
a matter of tossing a coin, fortune”.