GP Belgium: Alonso and Hamilton, sanctioned by change of engine


Day of engine changes for several drivers in Spa-Francorchamps, although not all provided previously.

Is the case of Fernando Alonso, which premiered at this Great Prize the latest evolution of Honda with a development for which we employed seven tokens, but after the return of facility has sprung a water leak, forcing the team McLaren have to install a new drive.

Because of that, Fernando Alonso will use the sixth engine of the season, so you will have to face the corresponding penalty. Such a sanction sends him to the bottom of the grill, because this is the sixth unit in all the components: combustion engine (ICE), recuperator of energy (MGU-H and MGU-K), batteries, and electronic control unit.

In the case of Lewis Hamilton, it is the sixth unit of the energy recovery system heat (MGU-H) and the turbocharger, so that makes 15 squares on the grid, although it is very possible that the british mount morning an additional motor to have more engines available in the remaining race, which would penalize even more, and would end up in the bottom of the grill next to Fernando Alonso.

Marcus Ericsson has also been penalized for using the sixth turbocharger of the season and will lose ten places on the starting grid, . Sauber also changed the combustion engine to the Swedish, but in this case it is only the fifth unit and still does not result in any penalty.