GP Belgium: Alonso doesn’t rule out a surprise in Spa


The Grand Prix of Belgium brand at the end of this week the return of the competition and does so in a circuit that all drivers enjoy the full capacity of a Formula 1. Fernando Alonso, after a well deserved summer break, returns with force and shows hope to continue the good feelings after a month of July positive.

“it Is
time to get back to riding again! I have enjoyed the break
summer, I’ve spent some time with my family in Asturias and in my
go-kart circuit, I enjoyed the stop in California and I got
train also, so I used
. It has also been
a good opportunity to reflect on the first half of the
year, regarding the progress that we have made, and to channel our
energy for the second half. As
team, we are
more strong and we are eager to return.”

the circuit is amazing, you definitely deserve your
reputation as a legendary place to ride. you Must have a
solid, in terms of performance and reliability. More than 70% of the
back is with the pedal to the maximum, which is a challenge in itself
same, but we have
shown in recent races that, even in a circuit
statistically difficult for us, we worked hard and
we surprised ourselves
with our level of
performance in relation to our rivals”.

a lap long, with two sections of very high speed and one
sinuous, so we have to find the right balance between
the two to get the best fit for the car. we See good
correlation between the information of the factory and the car in
the track, so I hope we can continue our streak and get
the maximum end-of-week
. This
circuit is always a difficult challenge for the car and for the pilot,
but if we can gather all the elements, we will enjoy a
positive weekend. It will not be an easy race but, as
always, we will push to get as many
as we can”.

it is a great challenge and the perfect place to run after the break
summer. I’m fresh again and ready to take on the incredible
laps of this track legendary. There is a lot to think about in this
circuit: strategy, tires, fuel, management of unit
and then there is the weather. It is
the type of circuit that always brings something unpredictable and
normally there are some unexpected situations
during the race
, so I hope
we can fight hard and take advantage of any situation that
we present”.


Jenson Button has also taken advantage of the summer break to disconnect and re-excited with the prospect of maintaining the good streak of the team at Spa-Francorchamps. The british driver finished the German Grand Prix in a fantastic eighth square, which enables McLaren to stalk Toro Rosso in the championship standings.

“I have
eager to be back in the car. The
summer holidays have been very good, an opportunity of
rest, recover and spend time with friends and family. I Spent
the greater part of them in the united States, but I managed
to keep up to date with the efforts of the team of Great Britain
in the Olympic Games – amazing!
been a great summer of sport and I hope to get more results
positive as we progress in the second half of the
season. There is a lot of work to do, but together we push hard towards
the same goals and strive for greater progress. Spa
it is a great place to get going again and I want to

it is one of those classic legendary.
It deserves all of its reputation as one of the great circuits
the calendar and not
fails to provide great racing year after year.
Sometimes I stay in my motorhome next to the circuit in the races
european. Spa is one of those special places in the environment
it’s amazing, the fans are very passionate and come from all
parties and everyone wants to see F1 cars screaming beyond
and racing wheel-to-wheel after a couple of weeks

love to Spa! Eau Rouge is one of those curves are legendary
the riders and fans always talk about, but it really is
special. The sensation of rushing upwards through the
curves is just awesome, all the time. in Addition to being
the longest circuit on the calendar, it also has
an average speed of 230km/h,
so that is pretty fast! That means that it’s pretty brutal
car, you are
with the throttle at least three quarters of the back, so
all the team and riders worked hard to manage the
different aspects of the car,
and quickly react to any
thing that appears
the race”.

important, as always, is the reliability, and due to the nature
circuit of Spa, it tends to be a race of attrition. The
people from the team
back to the Technology Center of McLaren and also to Sakura for
work hard and explore
the limits of our set
and I hope
that we can enjoy a race without problems from that point of
view. Always
I liked a Spa since the early days of my career, still
you feel at every turn that you do and never
ceases to put a smile on my face. It is easily one of the
best circuits on the calendar, and certainly one of my favorites
, as well
let’s see what we can do, I hope that we can have an end
week solid”.