GP Belgium: Good debut of Esteban Ocon with Manor


Manor has started the GP of Belgium in the focus of attention the debut of Esteban Ocon among their ranks. The frenchman takes the place of Ryo Haryanto and during the free has had the opportunity to complete their first kilometres with a single Manor, which in a path as the Spa-Francorchamps can shine. The power unit Mercedes gives a big push to a team that should take advantage of any opportunity to be seen. For the moment, both Esteban Ocon as Pascal Wehrlein are meeting, with the goal in mind to be able to overcome the Q1.

Mercedes Driver, tester for Renault, and now a pilot owner in Manor. The season has done no more than keep adding new gallons in the jacket of Esteban Ocon, which in its first session has finished sixteenth: “Everything worked out perfectly. It was really nice to ride after so many interviews and a busy weekend. Andam happy with how has gone the day. The car felt great and I felt well on it. You can say that after so much preparation it all came natural”.

“I Had the opportunity to test the tire superblando in the first few minutes of the session and has given me a good idea of how the cars of the rivals,” analyzes in the first term a Esteban Ocon which concludes its first day as a pilot officer of a Manor, stating: “It looked very positive. It is still Friday and I have to try to take advantage of every lap to collect new knowledge. I lost a little time this afternoon for a problem, but we got to complete all of the objectives that we set out. I really want to work tonight and come back stronger tomorrow“.


Equally positive has been the day of Friday for Pascal Wehrlein at Spa-Francorchamps, to such an extent that the German pilot has been cast in eleventh at the second session of free: “We’ve had a day that has seen a steady improvement over the two sessions of free. I think that I have joined the best team’s result in a session as well. It is incredible to be back in the car after four weeks of break. Spa is a great track to start the second half of the season and I am very much enjoying to be back here for the first time in four years“.

More analytical, Wehrlein explains: “We have
had a detailed vision of the whole and how they are working the tires.
This afternoon we had a good balance in the car with soft and superblandos,
so I’m happy. It was a Friday easy. Everything seems to have aspect
positive, but we’ll see how things go tomorrow when all the computers
pop your potential. It seems early, but time is still an order of
week promising and up to the time that helps us. Our pace is good in
compared to our direct rivals and I’m happy about it