GP Belgium: Good times and feelings found in Haas


“I’m Not happy”. That phrase, with some variations, has been used by the two pilots of Haas this Friday in reference to various aspects of their car after the free practice sessions of the Grand Prix of Belgium. All this, despite the fact that the lap times of the american team have been remarkably good, within the matched area in which they are placed on the grill.

Romain Grosjean managed to get the maximum out of his car this Friday, signing the eighth best time in the second session of free after being eleventh in the first. It was not all color of roses for the French rider, however, as in the last part of the Free 2 a problem in the MGU-K (storage of kinetic energy) prevented him to perform a simulation of the race with tires superblandos.

Grosjean, in general, has not been satisfied with the behavior of the tires in the Spa, pointing directly to the values of pressures to the minimum required by Pirelli, and believes that it is the main factor to attack to get a good rhythm

“there has Not been an easy day for all. It costs a lot of work with the tires. I’m not happy with the tyre pressures that we have here, make it more challenging things. We were better with the superblandos in the afternoon, the car was more in harmony, which is positive, without a doubt.”

“unfortunately, we were not able to do a long run by a problem, but I hope that’s not costing us too much in the race. We still have (the session) morning to prepare the classification and to try some tricks that we have designed for the setup. In general, all of our energy will be again in the use of the tyres“.

turning To the unexpected heat of Spa

times Esteban Gutierrez were somewhat more consistent throughout the day. The mexican driver, who rolled a total of 44 laps (6 more than Grosjean), has been tenth in the two sessions free, three tenths ahead of his teammate in the first batch, and two behind in the second.

Gutierrez, the high temperature registered today for the canons of Spa (31 degrees celsius in the afternoon), complicated in excess, the search for a correct configuration, and was discouraged by their long run, although there was no great complaint about the tires, even of the experimental compound more resistant that Pirelli has tested today.

“The conditions today were very tricky, it is not common in Spa create so much heat. The track has a lot of temperature, so we have had some problems setting up the car. We have done some tests to understand it a little better, so that now we will have a clearer direction on where we need to focus“.

“The tyre test for Pirelli’s were very transparent, there was nothing different in them. I’m Not very happy with the race simulation that we have done, so we will analyze all the data this evening to find a good setup for the weekend”.