GP Belgium: Hamilton calls “unexpected,” his podium in Bélgica


Mercedes out of a Grand Prix with a new double podium, but this time the circumstances make it even more satisfactory if it fits to the brand of the star. Not only gained victory in Belgium, if you don’t that got the comeback of the season and convert a limit situation to one of their riders an advantage without losing much ground in points.

Nico Rosberg was the master of ceremonies today Spa-Francorchamps, and he did it with sobriety, starting from pole and without burdens, in almost any time on the part of Daniel Ricciardo. The German pilot sum and the twentieth victory of his career, and sixth of the year, calling back to his companion, which is about to just 9 points. After the race, the winner declared its total accordance with the performance of the car in the race.

“there has Not been a weekend easy for us. We had to work hard in the configuration, but the race was perfect. Runs on the medium tyres were really good, and I also felt very comfortable at the beginning with the soft. We had a great car today. It’s great for the team that Lewis has been able to remount and finish third. sanctions that had me I have made things easier today, but will be fighting for the victory in Monza”.

The foci of the race, that victory was a matter settled, they were on Lewis Hamilton, that you have opted to clear your situation of motors in Spa mounting up to three units of different power to count with reservations in the immediate future. Leaving 21, the briton was quickly placed fifth thanks to a good start, the Safety Car and red flag, and he finished the race in third place after overtaking Fernando Alonso and Nico Hülkenberg.

“Would have accepted the third place before the race without a doubt”

the leader of The championship has seen broken its streak of victories, but the fact have become a last row on a podium was a source of joy for him, stating that it was unexpected and that the circumstances had played in his favour:

If I had been offered the third place before the race, I would have accepted without question, I can’t believe that we finish as above. With both blistering, it was difficult to predict what could happen, but I faced the race with a positive attitude, and everything went well. At the pace we were going, we calculated finish in the top 10, but the Safety Car helped us to be a third party. The car worked very well, the difficult part of the race was the mental approach from the beginning: risk everything at the start, or wait and go up little by little. I chose a mid-point, but then there was all that hubbub, and I am pleased to have been able to take advantage of it.

Having had to overtake I’ve had to push a little more than normal, that’s why we went to three stops. I don’t know if we would have come up with two stops, but I am glad not to have taken the risk. If the tires were better, I could have reduced the difference, but it was not the case. It was a hill very steep to climb, but what we have done together as a team. It would have been easy to make mistakes by changing so many parts on the car, but the three power units worked without fault. I Think that now I have more engines than most, and the battle has already begun for the second half of the season.