GP Belgium: Hamilton: “it Is very hard to control the tires with pressures as high”


Day very busy for Mercedes, faced with the prospect of an inevitable penalty for Lewis Hamilton for exceeding the limit of five engines per season, has chosen this Great Prize to try to minimize the effects of the penalty in a circuit in which it is easy to overtake.

taking Advantage of the circumstance, the team he has assembled to Hamilton two thrusters, so you can make sure to have enough units to finish the season with no further sanctions.

The English pilot wanted to thank you for the huge effort made to its mechanics, which have had a huge amount of work during the day. “A day simple to me, but very hard for the guys in the
garage with the engine changes. Maximum respect and a thank you very
large for them for all the hard work”.

Hamilton has highlighted how difficult it has been to control the degradation of the tyres, as the heat present in Spa has partnered with the high pressures imposed by Pirelli to cause blistering on the tyres. “it Was very complicated
managing the tyres with pressures as high. But all the
world is in the same position and it seems that we all experience
the same thing (blistering). What is important is that we have completed our
program and can begin to focus on what is left of the end of

pressures minimum required by Pirelli for this Great Prize are was 23.5 PSI in the front tire and 22 in the rear. Pirelli has tested during the training of a tire with reinforced fabric to minimize the risk of breakage due to the fault of the piano or remains present on the track, but it’s only a tire’s experimental that will not be used this weekend.

Paddy Lowe, Technical Director of Mercedes, has also highlighted the influence of high temperatures, which have complicated the day. “We have seen unusual conditions today at Spa. Temperatures
track exceeded 40 degrees this afternoon, something unheard of! The
degradation has been a major problem with the three compounds,
particularly in the rear tires. We have a lot to do