GP Belgium: live the race of the GP of Belgium F1 2016 in Spa

Race F1 live – Eng

Marcus Ericsson, who comes in 20th, has some type of problem in your car that Sauber is trying to fix with haste.13:52

Also, Kimi Räikkönen (3rd), Sergio Perez (6th) and Kevin Magnussen (12th) depart from his best starting position of the season, looking for good results13:49

we Recall that both Max Verstappen (2nd) as Jolyon Palmer (13th), come out from his best grid position ever, in addition to the debutant Esteban Ocon (17th)13:48

The classification of yesterday, left an interesting grid for the day. Here is the chronicle of DAVID SQUARE: Rosberg keeps pole from Verstappen13:36

¡VERY GOOD AFTERNOON! In half hour will start the Belgian Grand Prix, and we will be here to tell the tale live. The keyboard Adrián Fernández, a greeting!13:32

For Nico Rosberg, the race today is the moment of truth. An hour and a half of the truth, about. That is the time you will have to try to win the test and retrieve the maximum number of points possible before a Lewis Hamilton that will come in next to last position due to the numerous penalties, some voluntary, that is facing up when you change parts of your engine. It is the great opportunity for the German to reaffirm its candidaura the title, but neither Max Verstappen or Kimi Räikkönen, the men coming out behind it, they think they make it easy, in a Grand Prix in which the control of the degradation is fundamental.

Easy to not get closer or far from the required word to define the situation of the two Spanish riders. Carlos Sainz take the exit in 14th position in a race car that, except defeat, should not be in the area of points at the end of the day. Further uphill you will Fernando Alonso, which continues to suffer from, at least, imperfect reliability of the Honda engine, despite the fact that his McLaren has given indications of speed, and must apañárselas to turn that 22nd position on the grid into something positive. You will have only 44 laps for this, the longest circuit in the championship. Here, in the, you will be able to follow each and every one of them, strictly live.