GP Belgium: Räikkönen: “The pole was possible”


“I am Not behind and do not throw in the entrance, it is all the latest
curve. What I have become to lose. I don’t have traction, I don’t have
adhesion. Easily 0,15 seconds only for power”
. This could be said by Sebastian Vettel on radio at the end of your last attempt at a fast lap in Q3 at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The German pilot was eventually overtaken by his team-mate, but at least was able to finish in fourth place less than four-tenths of Nico Rosberg. The German pilot regrets what happened in the last curve, recognizing that “I was not entirely happy. Kimi has done a better job
that I. I have suffered a bit, especially in the last corner, but
I hope that tomorrow goes better.
I was pulling, but maybe you threw
too much in the last curve. I don’t think that would have made a great
difference. Tomorrow will be a very long race, it will be difficult. It will be
important to take care of the tires, then we’ll see
. The first thing that
we need is a good start and then see where we are. We are
with the soft, then we will see the change to the superblandos”
, stated Vettel to the press load to the circuit.

Sebastian Vettel, just like his teammate, made the best time of Q2 with the soft tyres and believes he can fight for the victory. “I Think that we can win, we are very close. looking after the tyres will be key, otherwise, you have to be smart with the strategy. Try to act so smart to make the Q2 with a compound different from the usual. Veremos”.

“The pole was there, so it’s a bit disappointing

Kimi Räikkönen, for their part, neither ended up satisfied with his riding of the Q3, which went out of track in his first attempt and made a mistake in the last turn during his final round. “I went long on my first attempt, was not ideal. My
second attempt was pretty good, but in comparison with my
back in Q2, I lost two-tenths at the chicane end. The pole
I was there, so that is a little disappointing. It would have been nice
get it. The race is on Sunday and, if we compare it with the
earlier, we can be satisfied with where we are”

At least the finn is happy for having finished closer than usual compared to the Mercedes and pointed to the tires as one of the keys of the race. “It’s nice to be so close, but I would prefer to be in the
pole position. We had a good opportunity. The beginning and the
first laps are very important in all of the Great Prizes
It will be a very difficult race for everybody with these
tires in these conditions. We hope to take the decisions
ended by saying Kimi in the press conference of the FIA.