GP Belgium: Ricciardo continues in the streak and Verstappen responds to Räikkönen: “it Is rídiculo, a big lie”


Before the start of the weekend, Red Bull would have signed without hesitation the second position were on holiday in Hockenheim, and the sanction to Lewis Hamilton he opened the door wide for Max Verstappen, who occupied the first line for the first time in Spa-Francorchamps. Even so, it was not he who held the drawer, if not his teammate.

For the third consecutive race, Daniel Ricciardo climb up to the podium, repeating the second position of Germany, after a race controlled. He knew how to dodge the incidents initial, fast forward to Nico Hülkenberg and set a good pace that allowed him to count with a wide margin over Hamilton when he was third.

Although it was not a danger to the victory of Nico Rosberg, the australian gave it up for good the second position, and welcomed the emergence of the red flag, which allowed him to repair the damage to your car.

“I’m happy with the result. I knew that today we could get on the podium. You never know with security, but knew that, if we had the pace on Friday, we might be able to get there. Starting with Lewis back, we had a chance of getting at least a second position, and what we have done. Winning is always the great goal, but Nico had the pace that we expected, so that the second place is the maximum we could do.”

“many things Have happened in the output, in fact golpée part of the remains and damaged my front wing. The car was pretty affected, but the red flag to us was for help to repair it. When we restart, I didn’t have too much action, but just trying to be consistent, and the result has been good.”

“If someone does not like, it is your problem”

Ricciardo just saw him on tv, but Max Verstappen was, probably, the pilot who ‘enjoyed’ more minutes of television. The dutchman was directly involved in the accident in the first corner between him and the two Ferrari, and had to go against the rest of the race. Far from calming down the things, Verstappen starred in more than one altercation with several drivers, in particular Kimi Räikkönen. An error of the own pilot of the strategy with regard to the tyres we did make a stop extra and finish in 11th place, out of the points.

The young pilot Dutch culpabilizó to the two Ferrari’s of what happened in the output, as well as the damage he suffered in his car, who committed his career:

“I’ve had very bad luck. I did not as I would have liked, but I picked up the inside for the first bend, not locked no wheel and I was pushed by the two Ferraris. Sebastian took a curve in which there were already two cars. I shattered the front wing and the flat bottom, the car was very difficult to drive and the race was over”.

“Even so, I tried a comeback, especially for all the people that cheered from the stands, but I have not managed to score. Luckily, we have Daniel on the podium, so we have added more points for the team. It is good to have another race the next week, and we will try to do my best at Monza”.

After that Kimi Räikkönen qualif ied “ridiculous” the defense to the limit that Verstappen took place in the straight of Kemmel, the pilot of Red Bull defended the legitimacy of their manoeuvres, and accused Räikkönen of lying:

“I Should say that on the curve 1. Is ridiculous. I mean, someone complains it is good tv. After what they did in turn 1, I was not going to cede my position so easily to them. To be honest, I think that is a big lie. Only defended my position. If someone does not like, that is their problem“.