GP Belgium: Rosberg dominates a session marked by the absence of Alonso


The Grand Prix of Belgium gave beginning on the day Friday
with excellent conditions meterológicas, something that allowed
four riders perform one turn of setup with the second
version of HALO, which is going to be developed and improved until his
introduction final in the competition in 2018.

however, the great novelty in the grill was Esteban Ocon, who
he made his debut as a pilot holder
at the controls of the Manor, until the
past Grand Prix of Germany, had been managed by Rio Haryanto.

Nico Rosberg was the first driver to score a time of
reference (1:48:348), followed by the Ferrari. In any case,
the first few minutes of practice were used to
to establish the first comparisons of aerodynamic and tire,
waiting for the track will be in better conditions to
start the commissioning work of the car.

Fulfilled the first half hour of each session, there were only three
pilots for marking a reference time: Carlos Sainz, Marcus
Ericsson and Fernando Alonso. But soon the first two came out on to the track to begin its programme of work, being the McLaren driver was the only one not able to do so as a result of a water leak, having to dismantle the motor to find the cause. In order not to lose more time than necessary, the mechanics of McLaren they made another thrust unit so that the Spanish can participate in the second session, while seeking the fault in the previous one.

The Mercedes at the front, the Force India then

With the equator of the session already completed, Nico Rosberg retains the first place, but now followed closely by Lewis Hamilton. The Force India, who have traditionally been very competitive on this circuit, it is placed below with Sergio Pérez just over a tenth ahead of his team-mate Nico Hülkenberg.

Many were the pilots who began the tests with the pneumatic pilot of Pirelli with a reinforced structure to prevent collapse by rubbing with pianos or aggressive external elements present in the asphalt.

The last few minutes of the session were used by the pilots to continue with the evaluation work of the different compounds of tires, in addition to start the commissioning work of the second session.

The Mercedes remained at the head of the table with Nico Rosberg as the only ride in the 1:48 and with Kimi Räikkönen less than a tenth of Lewis Hamilton. Carlos Sainz finished the session fourteenth to three seconds of the Mercedes, while Esteban Ocon enjoyed a great debut with Manor to finish two positions further back than the Spanish, and with a one-second margin over his team-mate Pascal Wehrlein.

time Table Free 1 Grand Prix of Bélgica

Pos. Piloto Dorsal Equipo Tiempo Gap Laps
1 Alemania Nico Rosberg 6 Mercedes 01′ 48″348 0 27
2 Gran Bretaña Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes 01′ 49″078 +0.730 25
3 Finlandia Kimi Raikkonen 7 Ferrari 01′ 49″147 +0.799 24
4 México Sergio Perez 11 Force India 01′ 49″274 +0.926 23
5 Alemania Sebastian Vettel 5 Ferrari 01′ 49″768 +1.420 19
6 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 3 Red Bull 01′ 49″782 +1.434 24
7 Países Bajos Max Verstappen 33 Red Bull 01′ 49″865 +1.517 24
8 Alemania Nico Hulkenberg 27 Force India 01′ 50″088 +1.740 21
9 Finlandia Valtteri Bottas 77 Williams 01′ 50″394 +2.046 31
10 México Esteban Gutiérrez 21 Haas F1 Team 01′ 50″583 +2.235 21
11 Francia Romain Grosjean 8 Haas F1 Team 01′ 50″899 +2.551 18
12 Brasil Felipe Massa 19 Williams 01′ 51″122 +2.774 28
13 Suecia Marcus Ericsson 9 Sauber 01′ 51″125 +2.777 16
14 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso 01′ 51″424 +3.076 17
15 Brasil Felipe Nasr 12 Sauber 01′ 51″768 +3.420 19
16 Francia Esteban Ocon 45 Renault 01′ 51″787 +3.439 26
17 Rusia Daniil Kvyat 26 Toro Rosso 01′ 52″308 +3.960 19
18 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button 22 McLaren 01′ 52″407 +4.059 18
19 Alemania Pascal Wehrlein 94 Manor F1 01′ 52″837 +4.489 23
20 Dinamarca Kevin Magnussen 20 Renault 01′ 53″053 +4.705 20
21 Gran Bretaña Jolyon Palmer 30 Renault 01′ 53″089 +4.741 20
22 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren No time 3