GP Belgium: The analysis: the keys of the GP of Belgium


The championship is starting to get very expensive for Lewis Hamilton who, despite losing ten points advantage over Nico Rosberg in this race, has gone very reinforced of Spa-Francorchamps.

In regard to the rest, the chaos of the first corner allowed Red Bull to gain even more advantage over Ferrari, while the struggle in the middle area turned to be two clear winners: Force India and McLaren, that of the hand of Fernando Alonso, further confirmed his ascent into the grill.

The stars

Nico Rosberg


The German pilot did nothing wrong all weekend, taking advantage of the perfect opportunity that gave him the difficulties of your companion with the engines available for the remainder of the season.

it Seemed that the weekend was going to be a walk for Rosberg, but the heat Friday and Sunday came to make you doubt whether Mercedes could retain its supremacy in Spa. Finally, the temperatures went down a bit on Sunday, and Nico kept calm, doing what I had to do to stay out of trouble.

Daniel Ricciardo


The life at Red Bull is much more stressful for Daniel Ricciardo, from that has reached Max. But the australian, pulling skill and experience, is knowing how to contain the Dutch on a good note. This weekend was, in many ways, it is the home Grand Prix for Verstappen, but Ricciardo remained calm and, as is usual, took full advantage of the opportunities presented to. Red Bull can be very proud of the couple of riders that have in their cars.

Lewis Hamilton


If Nico Rosberg did everything he was supposed to meet at Spa, can’t say less of Lewis Hamilton, who was able to keep the cold blood in the early stages of the race to climb the rankings until you get to the podium.

What has been achieved by Hamilton in Spa is, quite possibly, the key to his fourth world title, because Rosberg has now lost the wild card of the sanction for change of engine and Hamilton continues to lead the standings with nine points margin. The races are always unpredictable, but it would have to be triggered a cataclysm for Hamilton to lose the championship. Will not occur.

Nico Hülkenberg


We rode heading for the summer break hoping that what we saw in Hockenheim became the standard pattern, for our good and that of the Formula 1. t least in Spa, our desire has been fulfilled and we are back to enjoy with a Nico Hülkenberg is capable of doing wonders with the Force India when you have the day.

Came to be placed second in the race, but the red flag did her a favor and, after that, to contain Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton was a chimera. No matter: Force India got their goal and Nico continues with the winning streak, as it is right if we stick to his talent. It lasts!

Fernando Alonso


In the last few races, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button are taking turns to show the benefits of the As it happened, at the Hungaroring, this time it was the Spanish win the final prize after a weekend in which nothing seemed to be working.

Fernando benefited from the safety car and the red flag, but then there is no comeback that does not see benefit in things of this kind. The issue is knowing how to take advantage of them and finish the job, something that Alonso did as always: with master’s degree. It is true that the McLaren was unable this time to contain the Force India, but will be surpassed only by the Mercedes, Ferrari and Force India at a circuit like Spa-Francorchamps, he makes very clear the progress made and makes us look forward to careers such as that of Singapore.

The starry

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen was involved in the accident in the first corner with the Ferrari, but regardless of if you had responsibility in it or not, the fact is that everything that followed was nonsense. Maneuvers reckless with the broken front wing, defense dirty on Räikkönen in, at least, two occasions… what is certain is that the Grand Prize for the ‘home’ of Max was pretty disappointing. Max says that the defend position, and if you don’t like, it’s not your problem. Whether it is or not, the result of all this left him with zero points in the locker.

Sebastian Vettel


it is Not a good season for Sebastian Vettel, who is not doing honor to its quality, not by a long shot. His approach in the first curve is fairly debatable and, from there, his career was completely conditioned. not only that, But because it was not comfortable at all on the weekend and was beaten by a Kimi Räikkönen continues as fallón, as is usual, but that is looking much more thanks to the mediocrity in which it has been installed Sebastian.



Or circuits slow, or fast. Or type stop & go, or the aerodynamic. Williams, a time to this part, it’s not going well in any circuit. If things go on like this -and it is likely that follow-can say goodbye to fourth place and will have to pass to watch to McLaren, even though they have enough advantage as to not enter in panic.

That a McLaren with the Honda engine will win with all of the law in Spa-Francorchamps is a concern. And indicative of the level of the chassis in which you have mounted the Mercedes engine. Continues to free fall, it remains to be seen where termina.



the japanese have improved the engine performance is indisputable. The reliability remains the biggest problem, also. Two breaks of the engine in two days, besides being the second after a review that, in theory, had solved the problem, return to bring back that feeling of the last year in which it seemed that Honda simply had no idea what was going on in your engine.

it Would be a shame that the good feelings of the team were marred by a reliability that is on track to separate success from failure in this project is concerned.

The flash


In this section, it is customary to highlight a move spectacular, an advancement worthy, or something similar, but what is certain is that to see something of this kind in circuits with long straights it has become somewhat difficult to see since I came to the Formula 1 DRS.

This device, which allows the rear wing reduced your resistance to the advance of remarkable ways, causes the cars to increase dramatically its top speed and overtaking is to see converted in overruns. it Is true that makes the racing, in a certain way, to yield results more in line with the pure performance of each set (which would have given Alonso to have him in Abu Dhabi 2010), but it has ended up hit with most of the overtaking meritorious that we could enjoy with the large number of pilots of the talent that we have in Formula 1.

The technical detail


The considerable heat that were present in Spa-Francorchamps during the days of Friday and Saturday, did the pilots, they feared the race. The high temperatures meant that the tyres were unable to cope with the overheating, suffering from blistering.

The blistering is a phenomenon that, among other things, is caused by high pressures in the tire, something that growled with the insistence of the pilots because Pirelli refused to lower the minimum requirements. One of the consequences of this situation was that Red Bull and Ferrari come to Mercedes to the point of endanger the pole of Rosberg.

But on Sunday, a drop in temperatures of around 8 ° C, did the problem go away as if by magic. Followed by heat, but not enough to convert the degradation in a variable determinant in the race, much less as to make the appearance of blistering.

The dark

the output of The Belgium Grand Prix was one of the moments most controversial issues of the day, with Max Verstappen, Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel touching and seeing their careers compromised irretrievably.

Verstappen came second, but slipped in excess of in the start and was quickly overtaken by Ferrari. Vettel on the outside, Kimi by the centre and Max of the interior, came in parallel to The Source with the intention of winning the game.

Max hurry back to catch the inside, by climbing on top of the piano and seeing compromised their ability to dand turn the car, for two reasons: the boats that the car gives on the piano (augmented by the low speed) and the closed curve. For his part, Vettel closes in excess of the turn, impacting with his partner and moviéndole to Max, which causes the Ferrari to collide with the Red Bull.

it Is true that Verstappen was very daring in the attempt of overtaking and that he plunged himself in a hole very small, but it is undeniable that there was and could be blamed for wanting to take advantage of it.

it is Also true that Vettel is too optimistic thinking that, in the braking of the first corner of a Grand Prix, Räikkönen is going to be able to stick at the vertex of the curve without opposition. In fact, Kimi gets to draw pretty much stuck to the piano for the one who gets Verstappen.

Surely Räikkönen was the only one of the three that has no responsibility in the incident. And surely Vettel was the trigger of an event in which Verstappen also did their part to complicate the situation. But, in any case, this is the output of a Large Award -more complicated than usual, in addition to-, so it has no sense to expect any sanction on the part of the commissioners.