GP Belgium: The lack of superblandos cut the possible Q3 Wehrlein


The great strength of Manor this season, without a doubt, is your heart, your propeller. The Mercedes engine is driving the modest british team to the quotas with which the last year you could only dream of, and the work on the chassis has begun to have its small fruits. Spa-Francorchamps, in terms of rhythm, it is one of their circuits more favorable along with the Red Bull Ring and Monza, and have been able to show it in qualifying.

German Pascal Wehrlein showed great form in the sessions for free, and confirmed the good feelings in the Q1, in which she obtained the ninth fastest time. For the second round, however, the German pilot had already been without tires superblandos without using, and the spent game that was available was not allowed to move from the 16th position.

Wehrlein will start from the 15th place after the penalty to Esteban Gutierrez, and hopes that the race to better reflect the pace of the car, saying that everything else has gone on wheels:

“I’m very happy to be through to Q2, of course, and the Q1 it was amazing for us, being ninths. But unfortunately, not we were left tires superblandos new for the Q2, so I had to make my lap times with used tyres. The sensations in Q1 were very good with new tires, so he has seen what was possible today. This last attempt does not reflect our true pace. It is a pity, but that decision had to be taken much earlier this year.”

“In fact, we are in a very good position for tomorrow on the grill, and also with the tyres that we have available in the race. The degradation will be high in this circuit, so we’ll be fine. And yes, I am very happy with the weekend so far. Everything has gone according to plan“.

Ocon, “the happiest man on the earth”

much of the media attention around Manor was concentrated in the second car, occupied from this race for Esteban Ocon. The French, substitute for the maligned Rio Haryanto, fulfilled with dignity his qualifying session, finishing half a second behind Wehrlein in Q1 and surpassing both Daniil Kvyat as the Sauber, so that will start tomorrow from the 17 position, just ahead of Gutierrez.

Ocon expected to have had a slightly better result over a lap, but is happy with the rest of the factors of the weekend, and is confident that his debut will be satisfactory:

“This career has its own challenges, but I am very happy with the work we have done in the free, with the pneumatic medium, and soft, and with the pace on long runs. I Am very happy with my pace in general, but it is not easy to start your career in Formula 1 after the first half of the season. I Need more time in the car and with the tyre superblando, and even managing the traffic, is a significant challenge with all the cars by reducing after you do your laps. I’ve been very fast with the soft tyre, and although I’m a little disappointed, I’m also excited for what is to come”.

“You need more experience than that I have three sessions of free to extract the maximum of everything. It is something that we will learn with each race, improving step by step. Tomorrow I will be the happiest man on the earth in the grill. It is my first race, and I’m looking forward to go through the full experience of preparing for the race, the grill, the lights, the pit stops… I’m going to stay focused on the goal, which is have a solid career and get clean, get a good result for the team, learn a lot and have a good time also”.