GP Belgium: The superblandos are the Achilles heel of Ferrari


Is the promised happy in the box of Ferrari with the arrival of Spa-Francorchamps. After several races being met in an ongoing way by Red Bull, the team’s Italian appeals to the long straights of the path belgian to impose on their increasingly strong rival. However, and despite the good sensations transmitted during the FP1, the second session of free has put Ferrari in its place, with its two pilots suffering in excess with the car and with the tires superblandos. The high temperatures experienced throughout the Friday in Belgium have taken out of your plan to come out of Maranello.

The big problem for Ferrari has not been the degradation itself, but the optimization of the theoretical advantage that should offer the tire superblando regard to soft, plus a possible game to be defective in the case of Vettel with a massive destruction of the front rubber left. All in all, the German could not be satisfied: “Today was a difficult day. Makes a lot of heat for Spa and the track has very little grip. In spite of everything, I think we were all a little in the same situation”.

In this line, Vettel stated that: “No matter the tire that we have, at the end is for all the world, so we have to work with that. temperatures will be during the weekend. Apart from this, the German pilot also toward self-criticism in relation to work on the set-up of the car: I was struggling a bit with the balance of the car, but this depends on us. We have to improve the car. It is not yet where we want to. I’m sure it can be faster”.


Kimi Räikkönen had a first session with a pretty positive, to the point of being placed third after the two pilots Mercedes. However, according to advanced the day things were more difficult for the Finnish driver, with feelings very similar to those of his companion: “in the morning, the feeling is that the car was pretty good, but then by the afternoon, when we put the superblandos, every time that I tried to put together a good lap, I was out of the loop. For the long run we changed some things, but I was still struggling with the car for some reason”.

Doing balance, you can also say that Räikkönen did not end satisfied the day: Has been one of those days that starts out well and then it gives you the feeling that nothing is right, but I am sure that we will be able to find the tryout for tomorrow. It will be difficult for the tyres, but are the same for everyone. I have not had time to check what everyone else did, it is too soon to get an idea of where we are, but surely there’s some work that we can do. We have to review everything and make the best out of the car“.