GP Brazil: analysis: the keys of the GP of Brazil


The Brazilian Grand Prix gave us one of the best races of the season in which you gave many moments of great spectacle. Surely only Lewis Hamilton enjoyed a quiet race in which he dominated all the time on a Nico Rosberg very conservative, who only aspired to keep ahead of the Red Bull that, in addition, autoeliminaron with a erroneous strategy.

Many were the pilots who stood out, in a race marked by rain and by the stops announced by race direction, which determined that, on many occasions, it was not safe to compete. In spite of everything, when the race was active, the show was fantastic and the pilots gave clear evidence of their quality.

The stars

Lewis Hamilton


He has spoken very little of Lewis Hamilton in the Grand Prix but what is certain is that he returned to haver the same as in the united States and Mexico: to fully dominate the weekend. But having it done at Interlagos has even more merit because it is really difficult to win from tip to tip without any kind of opposition or scare on a wet track and with so many interruptions, and safety cars.

to Say that Lewis Hamilton has not had a good year is not to miss the truth. Not what has been, taking into account that we speak about Hamilton. Because three bad weekends in a season is a lot for a rider of your size. The Baku and Singapore did not have too much impact, but Suzuka combined with the break-up of the engine of Malaysia is going to prevent it from being a four times Champion of the World.

Max Verstappen


The image says a lot about the career of Max Verstappen, who gave a recital of the that is reminiscent of few in the history of Formula 1. The pilot Dutch delighted us with dozens of overtaking, outlined alternatives and steering accuracy from the first round. And, when the strategy put on intermediate tyres was revealed in the wrong, broke the tab winning eleven positions in little more than ten laps. Master, crack, genius, beast… any adjective of that kind is worth on this occasion.

Force India


The consistency and regularity of this team is surprising taking into account their budgetary constraints. It is not surprising, but this is not a reason to stop and note what Force India is getting into Formula 1. Sunday, on a day very complicated, and they returned to put their two cars in the points in spite of everything. The prick of Nico Hülkenberg does not prevent him to climb up the points after around the top 5 and Sergio Perez close to a podium that only the hurricane Verstappen prevented him from enjoying. The fourth place of the championship is in the pocket, and, without any doubt, it is well deserved.

Carlos Sainz


The Spanish rider continues to mature and respond in the difficult days. In Interlagos we went back to see him once more in a race in which he did not commit even a single error and gave the team the best result possible. His progression in the Formula 1 without a doubt justifies the prestige that you are getting, and remain so, it is evident that in 2018 will be in a factory team. Each day more pilot. And that, in this grill, it is a lot to say.

Felipe Nasr


The bad season for Sauber, and Felipe Nasr, in particular, can be perfectly forgotten by what happened at Interlagos. Because, when you’re in a small team, most important of all is to take advantage of the opportunity of the year. And Philip did so, allowing Sauber to overtake Manor in the general classification, something that translates into a lot of money to the coffers of swiss in the concept of commercial rights. Did also its renewal for 2017? It would not be surprising, nor much less.

The starry

Nico Rosberg


it Is, perhaps, somewhat contradictory to say that Nico Rosberg was one of the losers from Interlagos because, in the end, almost has a certificate for his first world title. With the second place in Brazil, Nico would be better with the podium to be champion, something that is clearly feasible in a race like Abu Dhabi and with a Mercedes between the hands.

But the taste in my mouth that is leaving Nico is somewhat bittersweet, because although it is managing to the advantage of the perfection, too, is being completely overtaken by Lewis Hamilton and, what is worse, seriously pressed by the Red Bull. At Interlagos, only the erroneous strategy of Red Bull saved him from getting into a mess very serious of face-to-Abu Dhabi and that is something that someone who pretend to be remembered as a worthy champion, you can not allow. Came out unscathed, Interlagos, yes, but also morally touched.

Daniel Ricciardo


it was Not a bad race Daniel Ricciardo, but if you compare it with that of Max Verstappen, things change. The australian made a good career in which he recovered partially from the strategic error to get to the points. In our world, the world of mortals, it would have been pretty good. The invention of Max Verstappen Sunday in Brazil, was a beating scandal by his team-mate. It is true, however, that the problems of hazing that he suffered with his visor sure were a big problem in a race like the Interlagos.



New career wasted, and go… Kimi Räikkönen was out of the race after suffering an accident on the start / finish straight and Sebastian Vettel came from behind after a spin. The German showed that he had the pace to finish up and compete for the podium, but new errors condemned the Italian team anonymity during the race-at least for positive aspects-. The end of the year already.

Address race


it Is very complicated to resolve when it is dangerous to compete in a circuit is saturated, but it is justified or not by the current rules of the closed park -which prevent the engineers modify the cars to suit the rain, for the rain tires -that pilots are criticized for the view that do not work well – or for any other reason, more commercial, what is certain is that it is unacceptable that every time it rains we have so many interruptions and laps behind the safety car.

If it is excess conservatism on the part of race direction, that the FIA would solve it. If it is a technical issue related to the cars or the tyres, the FIA would solve it. And if it has to do with the recommendation of the FOM to be minimized to the extent possible dropouts for commercial reasons, that the FIA would solve it. Whatever it is, is already good. The FIA can’t put in danger shows like the last issues that all lights have a solution for one simple reason: they are the epic times, the people who make that type of history, which long-term remain in place in the Formula 1.

The flash

The bug, @Max33Verstappen
— Pereira (@Pereira_FC) November 14, 2016

Max Verstappen provided us with, not one, but innumerable flashes of quality. Your outlined alternatives looking for areas with the most grip where no one imagined even you could have were the key to his stunning overtaking, on the other hand, flawlessly executed. Even the error committed in the climb to the start / finish straight ended up being a memorial to the control of the car. The truth is that it does not deserve too much worth spending the time to read this paragraph: it is best to enjoy their maneuvers.