GP Brazil: Exhibition of Verstappen to the podium: “sometimes you have to take risks, and we’ve done that”


In the chaos of the Brazilian Grand Prix, a large part of the action and overtaking on the front-runners were taken care of by a Dutch young man of 19 years. Max Verstappen was amazed again with a pilot sensational that allowed him to convert his fourth starting position into second place thanks to overtake Kimi Räikkönen and Nico Rosberg at the first corner in two resalidas, and recover from a strategic mistake to get on the podium.

Red Bull sought to be the alternative to the victory of Lewis Hamilton stopping in the pits to Verstappen and her partner Daniel Ricciardo for riding intermediate, but the rain began to fall with even more intensity, and they both had to stop again to return to the extreme wet tyres. From the 16th place, Verstappen was taking off rivals one-by-one, signing excellent overtaking manoeuvres, especially over his team-mate and the Ferrari, which culminated in a last override to Sergio Perez two laps from the end, which managed to climb back to the podium.

in Addition, Verstappen managed to beat one of the few records of precocity that he had, the fastest lap, who had Nico Rosberg since his first Grand Prix, Bahrain 2006. If that wasn’t enough, the team of austria has secured the second position in the Constructors ‘ World thanks to the points obtained today. Afterwards, Verstappen noted the difficult conditions in which they played the test during its first half, in which there was even two red flags.

“it Has been an incredible race, with red flags and difficult conditions, especially in the last straight. I was very, very slippery. Maybe not the victory, but second place was possible. We did some good overtaking, so I’m happy. In the first, I looked for different lines, I found a good and I knew that if Kimi did not used it, I had a good opportunity to overtake. I was approached on the straight, I went inside and we went ahead, and from then on I was relieved. When re-launch after the red flag, the track was even worse than before. Had good pace and I had a good fight with Nico in the curve 3″.

Verstappen explained that the strategic error of your computer was a risky move from a position “safe” to try to go for the race after the spin that he was about to derail his career, but entered into few details about your overtaking in the turns end.

“I Tried to follow Lewis, but I had a great scare, a was lucky not to have crashed the car. we Were in a safe position to finish second, but sometimes you have to risk a little bit, and we’ve done that today. We decided to stop to take intermediate and then it started to rain, the last sector was inconducible with intermediate. We had to stop again and was 16th. I Started to pass people again, I could not see where he was on the straight, but I went to many, and return to the podium is a great result here.”

“The visor I empañaba constantly”

, Daniel Ricciardo had a day to much more complex, and lacked the laps to the end the pace was his team mate, finishing the test in eighth position. The australian pointed out that his visor gave him problems throughout the race, and I didn’t expect that Max has attacked where it did.

“it Has been a tough race, the Safety Car and red flags is not have given me the opportunity to fight and recover. Always that was a car that I preceded it, I could not see anything with all the water that lifted up. Among other things, tuve a problem with the visor of the helmet from the first lap, I empañaba constantly the whole race. Tried to clean it with the hand, but it has not served much. Does the passing of Max? suddenly, I found myself in front on the exit of the curve 10, I wasn’t expecting it. He has had a great career, no doubt, but I can not explain how it has always been before, I have suffered mucho2.