GP Canada: Alonso: “Montreal will be complicated, it is a circuit very hard”


The circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal has always been one of the key quotes of the season, both because of their spectacular nature, as by their difficulty. McLaren is aware of this and knows that he must face a weekend with many challenges to achieve to be able to fight for points.

Fernando Alonso is enthusiastic about running one more year at this track so nice for the riders, with a great variety of curves and lots of speed on the straights.

“Canada is a great circuit, very demanding, and that requires concentration
absolute at all times. Raisins of curves very slow curves of high
speed in a very short time, which demands a lot from the brakes and
the thruster unit
. It is a circuit pretty hard in general for
cars reliability is the first thing that we must
, to make sure that there is no technical problem that
might compromise our performance”

Completely different to Monaco, the canadian circuit esige very different things of the car: power, traction and stability in braking, without forgetting aerodynamic efficiency. The Spanish hoped that the car will adapt to change better than last year.

“Monaco was a positive result for us: end up with both
cars into the points and leave behind our pursuers was very
, but we know that we still have much work to do.
We are making progress, certainly, but until we are not fighting in
head we have to keep pushing and developing constantly.
Montreal is a challenge completely different to Monaco, so I hope that
we can tailor our set to this circuit
and maintain our
state of form, but it’s going to be a tough weekend and

The fight in the center of the grill is especially intense this year and any detail decides the final result of each race. A priori, this weekend is not the most conducive to McLaren, but Alonso admits to having wanted to see what it is capable of the car on a circuit a priori unfavorable.

“Is emerging lot of competition in the front of the
grill, as teams are improving and tightening in his
developments. In the middle of the pack things are very tight, and in
each circuit is a different computer that seems to have an advantage
, as well
that will not be easy against our more direct rivals in the
qualifying and the race. The team has to work hard to
configure the car in line with the demands of the circuit, and can pass
many things throughout a grand prix, so we’ll see what
we are able to”

For Jenson Button, the circuit demands a lot of power, and that does not benefit from McLaren, but also demands a lot of ability of braking and, in that, the single-seater of Woking itself stands out.

“Although this is one of the circuits fastest of the season, and
one that requires a lot of power, one of the strengths of our chassis
is the stability in hard braking, so we don’t have to fear going to
a circuit like this and be on the defensive. Our rate of
development is high and is constantly working to
improve the performance of the whole set, so I’m anxious to see
how we pay in Canada, given the characteristics of the circuit are
very different to Monaco”.


Montreal is one of the paths most exciting of the season -with the wall of champions as an icon – and for Jenson is special for having lived memorable moments, as his great victory of 2011.

“it’s no secret that I love this circuit, and it is where
I got one of my best victories, in 2011 – without a doubt one
of my triumphs favorites. It is a true circuit riders: demanding
for the cars and the drivers, and often lead to careers
spectacular, regardless of the weather conditions.
Emerging unscathed from the last bend after passing through the “Wall of
Champions” always leaves a good taste in your mouth -we hope to be able to do
70 times the Sunday!”

Eric Boullier, Sports Director of McLaren, points to the reliability as one of the keys to a good result in Montreal and has not ruled out getting more points this weekend.

“A priori, this demanding circuit that requires power is not suited to
the strengths of our car, but such is our pace of development
we are aiming to continue with the momentum we have gone
building in the last few races, and go for the more valuable points.
It will not be easy and the reliability will be key, but our goal is to
try to offer the best show for our faithful fans
quebecers and to test our set in the historical Circuit
Gilles Villeneuve”

In regards to the power, it is obvious that all eyes will be dirijirán this weekend to Honda and their head, Yusuke Hasegawa. The japanese do not mark specific targets, very conscious of the difficulty of this race for Honda, but promises to pull out all the performance possible to the engine.

“it Is a proposal that was very different to Monaco, so that will be an end of
week very demanding for the whole team, but we will not stop working and
we will focus on what we can do to get the most out of our