GP Canada: Carlos Sainz believes that his big chance is “a matter of time”


After their strong performances in the grands prix of Spain and Monaco, Carlos Sainz comes to Montréal with the morality for the clouds. The pilot of Toro Rosso has remained on the crest of the wave following the promotion of Max Verstappen to Red Bull, and has assumed the leadership of the team with ease. In addition, his name has entered the fray as a possible signing of one of the great teams of the grill.

With their future within the structure of Red Bull in the air, due to the promotion of Max, Sainz has been left wanting with the media. He asserts that in Milton Keynes are delighted with their performance to date and is convinced that soon you will have the chance to fight for something more than points:

“I’m positive, because we have had a couple of good races. I feel that about a good trend. Every time I speak with Red Bull, are very happy with me, and I’m very happy with Toro Rosso, and it is only a matter of time to appear an opportunity to go to a team top. I’m saying this because I truly believe that if I keep doing what I do, soon will come an opportunity”.

The prospect of continue at Toro Rosso for a third year still an option that is plausible for the driver from madrid. So far, the square of Faenza has provided him with a car capable of entering into Q3 and score points with regularity, and the new agreement with Renault they could put in a win-win situation with the change of the regulation in 2017. Sainz has assessed positively the work done from the factory, and is confident in the potential of the team next year.

“Not a bad place. I know that Toro Rosso is doing good things for the coming year. It seems that the power unit Renault could be very close to the Ferrari, so everything indicates that we could have a package decent the next year. It is still very soon, but it seems that we are going in the right direction”.

for Sainz, however, has stayed with him, stuck the thorn of the slow pit stop during the Grand Prix of Monaco. With the strategy employed by Toro Rosso, the spaniard could have chosen to occupy podium positions during the test, but the error during the change of tires ruined their options, and Sainz could only finish the race in eighth position.

The young Spanish rider has regretted the missed opportunity, but hopes to be able to take advantage of the small advantage they still have over any of its rivals in terms of engine to get a great result before the break of summer:

“The first four races were very frustrating for me. Suddenly, in Barcelona did not happen anything strange and I got a decent result, my best weekend in Formula 1 until now. It seemed that Monaco was going to be something similar, until it happened a little detail. But Barcelona and Monaco have been two races in a positive for me, and that’s why I am confident that we can continue as well”.

“Before the summer, we have a couple of races at Silverstone and Budapest in which we can take advantage of our virtues. It is true that the best opportunity for me was in Monaco. Sorry to insist, but we lost a great opportunity to get a podium for the bad pit stop, but we have learned from it, and we all know that we lost a podium there. It is a pity, but it is already forgotten”.