GP Canada: Disappointment in Williams


The expectations were
high, but Williams is paying for expensive computers with deficit
power with respect to the powered by Mercedes are
getting compensate for the lower tip speed with more load
aerodynamics, especially in the case of Red Bull.

Williams, despite
mark the top speed higher of the grill, can’t
choose today to beat the three teams tip
and circuits
favorable only allow them to distance themselves from the rest of the teams
pack central: Force India, Toro Rosso and McLaren mostly.
As reflected in its Head of Engineering, Rob Smedley. “I Think
we took all that was in the car today. It is disappointing to come
here and
to have the fourth fastest car, but today, it is the reality.
What we know, so we need to focus on to improve. We have
classified on the fourth line with both cars, so I think that
we did everything that we could. We have a good setup for the
career, which is good,”
, said Smedley.

“it Is disappointing to come here and have the fourth fastest car”

For Valtteri Bottas the main problem consisted in generating
the sufficient temperature in the tyres, something that has affected
many riders this weekend. “I Think we did well today.
The cloudy sky made it more complicated to get the tires
work. For me the main problem were the tires
front and get enough grip from them. In any case,
the car behaved well”
, commented hopeful the finn,
facing the race with optimism.

not missing a Felipe Massa, that ended up happy
with its performance and that of the car. “it Was a classification very
competitive, which means that we had to fight with every team
with a very small margin. With the car that I had today, I did a
very good job and I’m really happy with my lap. If
I had had a car like Valtteri, I would have done a job
even better,”
, said the brazilian, who had to deal with the
strong crash Friday.