GP Canada: Fernando Alonso ready to attack “to the fullest” in the race


The qualifying session of the Grand Prix of Canada has given surprisingly positive results for a McLaren that came to Montreal with the intention to save the furniture and fiarlo all the rain on Sunday, any time you see your power unit is not allowed, in theory, a performance like Monaco. However, the results have been quite similar, and the team of Woking to face the test with options is pressed and placed in positions acceptable.

For the third Grand Prix in a row, Fernando Alonso has agreed to the Q3. The accident of Carlos Sainz opened a hole in the last round that the pilot spaniard made the most of it, leaving out the Force India of Sergio Perez, and kept tires in Q3 of face-to-test tomorrow, which will start in 10th position.

The pilot spaniard was greatly satisfied with the means by the result obtained and by the little difference with the cars in front:

So today has been a nice surprise, it will be good. I was pretty happy with that session; this can be a circuit that is very complicated in these joint conditions, and tomorrow will be more hard for us, but there is a potential rain forecast for tomorrow, and maybe a little bit of rain would help us. We’ve been only four tenths behind Ferrari in Q2, and that it should promote the faith and the motivation of all the factories in the McLaren and Honda”.

tomorrow, Alonso speaks loud and clear. Faced with the possibility of rain, takes on the challenge and promises to do battle during the race. Also, has praised the work of his team for the improvement that has experienced their car in the last year.

“We are ready to attack: don’t fight for the championship of the world, so that we don’t have anything to lose. Definitely, tomorrow we will attack to the maximum”. “I’m very happy, we have done a tremendous job with this car in the last 12 months and the position in which we are now is, perhaps, better even than we expected, so I have to give thanks to all the team”.


Your companion Jenson Button out in the 12th position. The british pilot shot all day at times very similar to those of Fernando Alonso, but he lacked a few tenths to the time of the truth. Button regretted not having obtained a slipstream on the last lap, something that the other McLaren was able to take advantage.

“On my last lap in Q2, I didn’t get a rebufó in the straight-back, and Fernando, yes: I picked up the slipstream to me! Until the last sector, looked good to move on to Q3, but then I didn’t get the slipstream and I stayed out. Essentially, right now we’re just on the edge of the top 10, and that is where we have been in the last few races. Even so, this is a circuit in which not anticipated to be as competitive as we were in Monaco, so that there are positive aspects that extract’s day of today”.

In terms of strategy for tomorrow, Button believes that the rain may open up opportunities for points, and that the car has been very solid at the time of print temperature to ultrablandos, something fundamental in this path.

“If the race starts dry, I will start with new tires and we will seek to make the most of it to score some points. If it is wet we will have to see what happens. The weather can mix things up quite a bit, and , we have shown our strength at the time of running the tire and to choose the right strategy, so there are many things to keep in mind”.