GP Canada: Fernando Alonso: “We tried a couple of interesting things”


┬┐Has improved McLaren? It is the eternal question and it is certain that in the margin of a paper consisting of, few conclusions can be drawn from the first two free practice sessions at the Canadian GP. Fernando Alonso was around the tenth place in both sessions, while Jenson Button managed to climb up to the seventh position during the FP2. Even so, both drivers agree that there is that improve the McLaren MP4-31 both in grip and in traction at the exit of the curves. Both Alonso and Button have suffered in the final stretch of their long runs with tires ultrablandos.

The margin of performance on the track, the cars of Alonso and Button had reliability problems that are very similar around an oil leak in the hydraulic system, which caused both riders to lose valuable time in the pits, despite the fact that the origin of both incidents was very different. Despite this, Fernando Alonso ended up satisfied with the day: “it Has been a good Friday. We have tested a couple of interesting things, including the three compounds of tyres, an element that is without a doubt the most interesting of all the weekend”.

Thinking in the standings, Alonso has a clear goal: I Think that the eleventh post will be the best starting position for the race, as you’ll be the fastest rider with the option of choosing the tyre output. I figure to start the race with ultrablandos may not be ideal”. By way of balance, the spaniard added: “Everything worked well, including the new turbo Honda. However, we have not had too much grip and need to improve our traction at the exit of the curves. With all the data from both cars we have to find the direction for tomorrow”.


Following an outline similar to that of its companion, Jenson Button has closed Friday with 43 laps under his belt after rolling very little in the FP1. Despite this, the british pilot has been cast in the seventh position in the FP2, with a time to a second of the head: “we Had several different problems in the first free. We have changed the power unit between the FP1 and the FP2. The guys have done an job amazing and I have been able to roll without problems, which allows us to analyze the data to understand with that engine we need to stay”.

by Analysing exclusively its performance on the track, Button explained: “I have completed a amount reasonable of laps in FP2. The car feels good and is nice to ride, but there are some problems in the implementation that we must resolve, something that we will face this same night. In general lines has been a positive day, but there is still room for improvement. With a half a tenth more would have been fourth, but still two-tenths slower I would be in eleventh. we Need to maximize everything we have for the rest of the weekend“.