GP Canada: Many tests and 'graining' for Ferrari in Canada


The new turbo has premiered Ferrari joined the aero kit, own of a particular citation as the Canadian GP it seems that enables the firm to Maranello to stay in second place in the ladder after Mercedes, although with Red Bull very close. While the power of the power unit Ferrari win the game in the long straights of the Montreal circuit, the Italian brand seems to have more problems in the management of tires. Both Räikkönen as Vettel had excessive ‘graining’ in the free, a trend that has been repeated with different compounds of tyres.

In this aspect, Kimi Räikkönen has had a difficult day, as he recognized the pilot himself Finnish to the end of the day. Find a set up successful has not been an easy task for a pilot that has completed 66 laps and finished fifth in FP1 and eighth in FP2, where the problems have been accentuated: “it was Not an easy day, in fact it was one of those days in which you make changes and more changes and nothing seems to work as expected. We have had problems with the set up of the car, there was no way to complete it”.

Asked about the news that brings Ferrari in their cars in the Canadian GP, Kimi Räikkönen was somewhat neutral and not get wet: it Is difficult to talk about the updates of the car, since we are in a different track and has different conditions with respect to other paths. As I said once, it makes no sense to use new parts if the car does not improve. Today we have tested many different things and now we have to navigate through all of these tests, to analyse all the data and collect the right things for the journey tomorrow”.


For his part, Sebastien Vettel has shown a more consistent performance. The German pilot has been third in the first free practice, and has reached the second position on the FP2 after completing 45 laps in this session. Despite this, the four times champion of Formula 1, acknowledged to have had some problems in the two sessions: The car felt good, but he also had a nervous behavior, which is normal in this track with all their curbs and potholes. I still believe that in general it was a good day, because the things we have brought here seem to work“.

Doing gala of the character of self-criticism that has always exhibited Vettel, the German acknowledges that there is still room for improvement, perhaps thinking of the ‘graining’ that seems to have affected Ferrari more than other teams: “Even so, I’m not entirely happy. I think that there is no driver that can be at all happy with his car during the day of Friday, because we always have the feeling of being able to find something to improve“.