GP Canada: Q3 to Hülkenberg and post 'wildcard' of Perez in Canada


Face and cross to the Force India team in the qualifying of the GP of Canada, every time that Nico Hülkenberg has failed to reach Q3 while his team-mate Sergio Perez has been eliminated in Q2. However, this result and if finally the rain does not appear can be very favourable for the mexican driver, Perez will be the fastest rider on the grid with a capacity of being able to choose the best tires for the output. In this aspect, both Hülkenberg as Perez appeal to the race pace to be able to get a good swag of points for the team in Montreal.

Nico Hülkenberg had a classification is very consistent in Canada, getting on his last flying lap in Q3 to improve more than two tenths of his previous best lap: “I feel very satisfied with our performance today. One always wants to be higher up, but I think that we can maximize our opportunities, and the ninth position represents a robust result, which should bring us some good points tomorrow. The margins were very small, so that it was important to get a lap without errors, because a couple of tenths you could cost you four or five positions on the grid”.

Analyzing the possible careers that can offer the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday, Nico Hülkenberg explains: “we Had a rain very light in Q1 that did not affect the levels of grip, but if the rain is back tomorrow, things are going to be very interesting, especially if you are treated by heavy rainfall due to aquaplaning. This can be a problem on a track so smooth. If at the end the track stays dry, I’ll have to start with tires ultrablandos, as all the world among the top ten. I will Try then to use a good strategy to move forward“.


Sergio Pérez did not set foot on the Q3, but it has the advantage of to be able to choose your first tire being right in the wake of the first ten classified that will start with rubber ultrablando. This condition is only applicable if it is not raining, you can be the strong point of the mexican: “I Knew that Q3 was going to be very difficult because , we had to use a set of tires more due in Q1. In this aspect, I was left alone with a game of ultrablandas to compete in Q2. at The end I did everything I could and finished eleventh, which is not a bad place to start the race”.

If there is a circuit in which you can expect the unexpected, this is Montreal. The climate is one of the keys of the race, so there’s a lot at stake in this aspect. I think that on a personal level we have a solid pace of the race with all sorts of conditions, so I think that we can fight to score some good points explained Sergio Perez, who completed a best lap of 1:14.317 in Q2, a time two tenths off his teammate box.