GP Canada: The bad career of Rosberg squeezes the fight for the title


not even a bad output or an outbreak of an incident between their two drivers has been with Mercedes, which has obtained its sixth victory of the season in seven races. On this occasion, its asset for the win was Lewis Hamilton and the british did not disappoint, taking full advantage of the erroneous decision of Ferrari with the strategy of Sebastian Vettel to claim his second win of 2016 consecutively, the number 45 of his career and the fifth in a Canada that has become his favourite country to win.

Hamilton, which is situated just 9 points from Nico Rosberg after having cut out 43 in the last two tests, there was no explanation to his poor start to the race, but he justified his light touch with his companion and was delighted by a race which he described as almost perfect for his part:

I don’t know what happened in the output. My test output before the formation lap was perfect and I thought “this is going to be easy”, but when the time came for the truth, I felt like no one was going anywhere, so I have to find out what happened there. I Had an understeer mass in the curve 1, with cars attacking me from all sides, and I was a touch unfortunate with Nico. After that, it was a matter of trying to hunt down Sebastian. It was velocísimo in the first round, and we both had a good pace since then”.

“Apart from a small blockage in the curve 10, I didn’t commit any mistake in the whole race. The important thing was to conserve the tires, and the team gave in the nail with the strategy, everything was incredibly fluid. Every time that Sebastian was approaching, he had enough to keep the difference. During the last 10-15 laps, I could only think of Muhammad Ali: ‘floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee’, because it really felt like I was floating”.

the incident of the out put legs up the career of a Nico Rosberg that had to go against the flow. Recovered several positions, until a puncture caused him to lose many other, and your choices podium. Even so, he could have finished fourth, but we were able to rush to the great defense of Max Verstappen and finished trompeando in the chicane on the penultimate lap, conforming with the fifth place to the closeness of Räikkönen and Ricciardo.

Rosberg did not want to make excuses for the touch with Hamilton, considered that he could try to better maneuver and did everything possible to minimize the loss of points:

“The race has been really hard. At first, Lewis had a bad start and mine was decent, so I tried it out. Had to try to pass or accept that it was going to be behind him. In Barcelona it worked, but not this time. It was a move lasts, for their part, but that’s racing, I have to do a better job the next time. I lost many positions through the loophole, and that cost me the option of win”.

“From there, gave it my best for a comeback, and had an option of a podium finish, but suffered a puncture and had to stop again, damn it! to Handle the car with notices of the brakes and being short of gasoline was a tremendous mission. I had a good battle with Max, to the limit again, but good competition. I tried everything to pass and I had a top tremendous in the end. A disappointing result, but the way things are sometimes”.