GP Canada: Valtteri Bottas debuts podium in 2016: “it Has been one of my best races”


The seventh Grand Prix of the season has brought the first podium of the season for Williams. The team of Grove got the third position with Valtteri Bottas thanks to a successful strategy to a single stop, and get to avoid the traffic that lastrĂ³ to many of its rivals. Both drivers ran the same strategy in the race, which gave the finn his first podium since Mexico 2015.

Bottas, who got the sufficient advantage not to have to worry about the pace of Max Verstappen, he praised the work of his team in the pit stops, and hopes that the streak will hold for the next races:

“I Am very happy with what we have achieved as a team today. It is a shame what has happened to Felipe, but this gives us a great motivation for the upcoming races. I think what today shows that we are a strong team that you can get good results. Our strategy was great, and our pit stop was really good, once more. It has been one of my best races, I am very satisfied”.

The race was pretty frustrating for the interests of
Felipe Massa. The brazilian remained in the low stances of points to
a problem of overheating of
your power unit ended his race on lap 35. The former Ferrari was terse in words about what has happened, and already think of the appointment of Baku.

“I Am disappointed not to be able to finish the race due to the mechanical problem that we have had. It is a race where we were supposed sumarĂ­amos good points with both cars, but unfortunately we did not do so with mine, so we need to focus on the next race”.

More specific and comprehensive regarding the problems of Massa was Rob Smedley, Chief engineer of Williams, who mourned the points lost with the abandonment of the brazilian, but that he was proud of the success of the strategic.

“the race was really good for us with a podium well deserved. As expected, the pace of the car in these conditions was good. We gave very little to the men of head, and beat to Red
Bull on the track, which is really positive. The strategy was absolutely successful. When
other teams made two stops, we kept calm and we adhere to our
of a stop as it was intended”.

“Valtteri has done a great
race, but it is a little bitter the fact that we could have had both
cars up there. Felipe would have finished between fourth and sixth position,
we have lost a lot of points for the problem with the water system that
did the temperatures increase. We tried a series of measures to
try to cope, but nothing worked, and we made the decision to withdraw the
car because the power unit is at the beginning of its useful life
. In
overall, it is a positive result for the team. We have expanded the gap with
the computers behind it, and even with a car outside of the points, we have
lost very little with the third party”.