GP China: Alonso: “I felt good, although there is still a bit of a pain”


McLaren-Honda has returned to normal in Shanghai. After a GP of Bahrain atypical due to the presence in the team Stoffel Vandoorne replacing the injured Fernando Alonso, the pilot spaniard has received the OK final to contest the GP of China, and has risen for the first time in 26 days on the McLaren MP4-31. In a flat sports, both Alonso and Button have not finished too satisfied with the balance of the car, something understandable given the numerous interruptions in the FP1 and the lack of grip that you have found the riders safe with the tire superblando.

Fernando Alonso certified with 44 laps his physical improvement, the entire time that the doctors of the FIA have allowed him to compete after be tested during the first free: “I’ve been away from the car during the last 26 days. I felt good, although there is still a bit of a pain, especially because the rib has not fully recovered from the fracture, which is normal. The pain is definitely manageable”.

In competitive terms, Alonso has explained: “it Was important to get a good read on the tires, because tomorrow is expected to rain. Today might be the only option to try the dry tyres before Sunday. We are happy with the results today, but we still have to find an optimal balance. We lack a bit of traction and grip in the rear, so that you have to make some changes to become more competitive”. To finish, the spaniard stated: “If, tomorrow, the qualifying is wet, we will try to do it as best as possible, although our priority is to focus on the performance of the Sunday“.


For his part, Jenson Button has completed 39 laps over the two free and as has happened to many other drivers, the degradation of the tyres and lack of grip have been two of their greatest concerns: “Think that the entire world is struggling with the tyre because the pressure minimum are very high. The tires will heat up quite quickly, which is a problem to fly, especially on long runs. There is room to improve the implementation, I think we can be a little more competitive still”.

In relation to the possibility of precipitation during the day on Saturday, Jenson Button has made clear his preference: I would welcome a classification in the wet if that means mixing things. If tomorrow we compete in the dry we will be in around the door of the top ten, but if it rains there are more options. You can commit a great mistake and do the wrong or otherwise get to do it very well. I would like to be a part of that risk“.