GP China: Lewis Hamilton punished with 5 positions for changing gearbox


The Chinese Grand Prix has been twisted to Lewis Hamilton before you even begin. The british pilot, who occupies the second position in the overall standings to 17 points of his teammate Nico Rosberg, will receive a penalty of 5 position on the grid, having had to change the gearbox in the face of this Great Prize, before they fulfilled their cycle. The own Hamilton announced the news on his account of Instagram, before the computer was seized on the matter.

In a review post-Grand Prix, Mercedes discovered that the gearbox of the car was damaged, unknown for the moment what might cause this deterioration, and the team decided, on an inspection in the day yesterday, to replace it by a new one in rather than risk a break in China.

According to a spokesperson of the team, the decision must be that of the next circuits we will visit the Formula 1, Shanghai is the most conducive to overtaking, which would facilitate the work of the comeback of Hamilton more than, for example, Sochi, Montmeló or Monaco.

All of this means that Lewis Hamilton will not leave from the pole position in China, a path in which no car has stood between him and the traffic light in the past three seasons, and in the has obtained the pole position a total of 5 times, his personal record along with Hungary and Australia. You will see if you will be able to regain ground to stop the streak of 5 consecutive victories of his partner and prevent that the championship is simple ahead of time.

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