GP China: Massa on Williams: “There are many lessons to learn”


The last Grand Prix of Bahrain was a nightmare for Williams,
with Valtteri Bottas impacting with Lewis Hamilton at the first corner
of the race and Felipe Massa losing positions along the length of the
as a result of a disastrous race strategy.

For this reason the brazilian has
admitted to the press in China that “there are
many lessons to learn. It is clear that we did not choose the
correct tactics in the race. We seek to understand
tires. Haas
performed an aggressive strategy completely opposite to our own, and
it worked much better. Perhaps it is better to change it [the
strategy] before that keep it the same until the end because so
the best thing you lose less positions”
admitted Massa.

The team introduced a new
morro even shorter in Bahrain, but was only able to have a
unit, which was assigned to Felipe Massa. Despite the good
conditions that occurred in Bahrain during the weekend,
team could not determine if the spoiler works better than the
previous and in China will be Valtteri Bottas which evaluate that spoiler
while Felipe will use the old one.
In this regard, Massa points out that should see “how
works in this track. We need to understand if it is better or not”

and he believes that also
should improve “the understanding of things in a way
appropriate, with respect to all of the new pieces that we have had,
developing a plan more understandable to the Friday, to understand the things

The degradation of the tire
is another aspect in which Williams must improve and, according to Massa,
have “some ideas
to improve and work 100% in it. I think we will
to find the mode of the car to be more consistent in the race and
better in the long run”
ended the brazilian.