GP China: Mercedes expected stops in China on the back 5


the appearance of The tire superblando for the first time in the Grand Prix of China is an open question problems for the equipment. The path of Shanghai, which presents a wear that in Australia and Bahrain, could force the men to head to replace promptly tires, or even that some pilots play and qualifying with the soft compound in Q3 to gain a strategic advantage.

In that sense has been expressed Paddy Lowe, technical director of Mercedes, which has stressed the importance of obtaining the maximum information possible about the wear and tear of the superblando prior to use in the race, and predicts that the first stops could be around the back 5: this Is the first time that we will see the compound superblando in this circuit, and that will certainly create an extreme example of what we saw in Bahrain; it is unlikely that the best tire rating is the best tire of the race. All computers will use the superblando to classify, but if there is graining in the race, we could see cars stopping in the first five laps“.

“there Will be enough analysis to do on Friday, and we could see some interesting decisions in qualifying and the race strategy. anyway, we have the same three compounds available, so it will be interesting to see how the competitive bidding develops”.

The rain is always a real possibility when you run in China, and may play a decisive role in the tire strategy for Sunday, especially if the conditions are colder than expected: “The unpredictability of the conditions is what makes this difficult for the teams. In Shanghai, can be quite a bit of heat, but also can be as cold as in Belgium. This variability can complicate our lives in terms of setup and strategy work, so it is always a weekend of challenging”.