GP China: Red Bull achieved a podium finish and 'the riding of a life'


For the third Grand Prix in a row, Red Bull leaves China with feel very positive after the great results achieved by its riders. Daniil Kvyat was the jewel in the crown today to get to the third step of the podium. The Russian, however, had a bitter confrontation dialectical at the end of the race with Sebastian Vettel, who considered him to be guilty of his touch with Kimi Räikkönen in the output.

Kvyat defended his manoeuvre: “I Think I made a right move on Vettel. I Saw the gap and went for it. We don’t touch but, unfortunately for him, Kimi was on the other side. For me, was a logical move, and have been rewarded with a podium finish. It is a good boost for our side of the garage, after a couple of runs complicated”.

“I really enjoyed the race today. Our pace was very strong, and to obtain this result on a circuit where we didn’t expect to be so strong is really great. The car behaves very well, the chassis is easy to ride, and with more improvements that will come to the power unit, we should be in a position even more solid. it Is very encouraging that the team is fighting for podiums consistently this year. I’m a guy very happy today, and it’s great to have this feeling towards my home Grand Prix, in Rusia”.


Daniel Ricciardo, that started in the first line, it was a beginning of a career even more promising, when put on head. His leadership, however, was short-lived, suffer a puncture because of debris on the track. The australian will sign a posteriori a great comeback to finish again in 4th place.

So he explained the pilot aussie your prick: “I Saw some debris on the track after the first round, but no it seemed there was a large piece like that I’ve caught, so I wasn’t expecting it. Coming to the curves 11 and 12, I felt that the rear part is I was going, and contacted immediately by radio that the wheels were shattered”.

“The prick became noticeable when I got to the line: I could feel my car wobbling, and after my tire burst. The Safety Car put us back even further, so it was a double blow, as if I smite in the stomach with something very heavy.”

Ricciardo, however, you are left with the good taste of the comeback: “In the second part of the race I made one of the best pilots of my life. The package is very promising, since then. Right now, in the 3 races we have shown our strength at some point, and has been a strength that we never thought to have so soon this season, so everything is more like 2014, when we had the potential”.

I feel as if he had been spraying people with champagne today, and part of me smiles because I am an optimist and I think that will happen this year, it Is a great feeling and I will continue fighting.”