GP Europe: Alonso: “The position today does not reflect our potential”


the debut of the Formula 1 in the Baku City Circuit you have been sitting very well at McLaren, which seemed to come to this first edition of the GP of Europe in Azerbaijan with the work done. With a downforce low, both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button marked records fast and consistent, which earned him to be in the top positions for much of the first two free practice sessions. However, the own Alonso has wanted to reduce the possible expectations generated, especially because the two McLaren MP4-31 had two separate mechanical problems throughout the day on Friday.

After completing 48 laps and be fourth, and eleventh in both sessions of free with a best time of 1:46.498, Fernando Alonso has explained to the press shifted to Baku: “it Has been a positive day. We find a track very quickly, but also with some difficult corners. Maybe we need to dive into the data because in some angles, there are still areas in which we can improve. For example, we need to improve in the knowledge of pianos and the lines of the traced. That is something that is in Singapore helped me a lot”.

despite the good role shown, Alonso has wished to clarify the performance shown for the McLaren MP4-31 during the the free: “In terms of the data that we had in the simulator, I think that our level of competitiveness is, possibly, a little better than we expected. We are doing a good job, so that is the best news of today. However, the positions of today do not really reflect our potencial“.


In a similar position-finished the day Jenson Button. The british pilot has been seventh and ninth in the two sessions rolling at 1:46.234 at its best lap: we Started this morning a little bit better than we expected, but once the entire world began to find the way, we moved more or less to our proper positions. Get the level of downforce right will be key to the classification. We still have to work enough to understand the tires, although soft rubber seems to be a good compound. We need to improve with the tire superblando“.

by Analyzing the path of Baku, Jenson Button explained: There are some good curves here. The curve 14 is very appealing, but the section of the castle is too slow. The car has been reasonably well there, but it is a track slippery and it is easy to have a little bit of oversteer and suddenly this feeling to grow, which doesn’t make things easy. we are Not yet at a point of equilibrium, but I hope that we can make things better in the day of Saturday and Sunday”.