GP Europe: Alonso: “we Still can’t forget 2016”


McLaren is currently
the seventh team of the grill according to
the general classification of the championship of constructors. The fourth square holds Williams
is 57 points away that, taking into account the number of
Great Prizes still to be played, it is not too much.

Although it may seem a
utopia, Fernando Alonso believes that McLaren can end in that
fourth place at the end of the season and, therefore, think that the computer does not
you should still focus 100% on the season 2017. “we Want
for the championship of the world, and we are not in that position this year.
But we are making progress and we move in the direction
correct to achieve this objective in the future. There is still a
long way to go. We have to think in the car the next
year, and put the focus on trying to be more competitive. But, at the
same time, we cannot forget about 2016 yet,”

Fernando believes the team is
in the ascending line and think that they have to take advantage of the trend,
rushing deadlines. “We are
in June and there are many possibilities to go higher up in the
constructors championship. In addition, some of the progress
achieve with the changes we made this year can be useful
for the next, especially in regard to the power unit.
we’re Still working on both projects and motivated to add
many points this year
, clarified
a Alonso that continues to keep the speech upbeat despite that
the car does not end to establish itself in the area of points with
regular (has scored in four of the seven races and
in two of them with only one and two points respectively).

The third area of Baku, a

In regard to the order of
week in Baku, Fernando Alonso admits that it will be difficult to get into Q3 and
to score, mainly by the third sector, in which the velocity
tip will be key. The car can not afford to even mark
records pointers, including reducing the levels of load
aerodynamics to compensate. “The
third sector will be quite poor in terms of competitiveness,
we will try to recover in the rest of the circuit and try to download
the rear spoiler and have less grip to go a little faster
in the straight but, even so, I think we’re going to lose a lot of time
I think that all of the circuits are a main feature.
Here will be the straight
longest of any circuit in the world and that will be a challenge for
us. On
all in the settings of the car because you have to find your
preferences in terms of aerodynamics, so I think that is good
for the F1 and I don’t have any worries about the brakes or anything
of this type”
, admitted

In any event, the optimist
Alonso of this season is shown realistically, but always with a
glimmer of hope. “Will be
as in Canada, in theory we would not have to enter in Q3. You can
be more difficult than ever, but also what we thought in
Canada, so we’re not going to throw in the towel ahead of time”

His duel particular with

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz have always had a special relationship and, now that compete
by similar positions on the track, that has not changed.
Are currently tied in the standings with 18
points, but the McLaren is confident to finish the season by
before, as stated in the official press conference of the FIA. “I’m
glad if he (Carlos
Sainz) is ahead
this year, if it is able to fight for the Championship next year.
It is not a huge amount of satisfaction in finishing ninth
or tenth,
but surely
will stay ahead of Sainz at the end of the year”