GP Europe: Baku is “just another new circuit” for Lewis Hamilton


The circuit of Baku represents a new challenge for the 22 drivers and 11 teams that will take part this weekend in the dispute of the Grand Prix of Europe. This is why many of them have conducted extensive analysis of all areas of the circuit throughout the Thursday. However, Lewis Hamilton is not one of them.

for several years now, the pilot of Mercedes does not perform any kind of ‘trackwalk’ to recognize the track. The british asserts that this process does not assume any difference in their times of the weekend, and that has not changed his mind in the capital of azerbaijan.

“I’ve walked on the track from Formula Renault until my third or fourth year in Formula 1. I have Not done a trackwalk since 2010, and it makes no difference with respect to my performance on the weekend. There are different approaches. I was thinking last night in making the circuit on a bike, that can do it, but I like the idea of going outside for the first time tomorrow”.

“Walking on the track, you can see a piano, but it’s very different when you hover on it. it May work for others, but for me it’s not. When you leave tomorrow, that first turn will be as if you take photos with your mind, and you learn while you’re doing laps”.

The circuit of Baku has attracted various reactions on the part of the pilots, in particular by the slow and narrow area that includes the curves 8, 9 and 10. Asked for his opinion on the track, Hamilton dropped that the layout is not to your liking, but is unaware of the difficulties that could involve to not have piloted.

“In the simulator, was very easy, but the simulator is not very good. Basically, it is a computer game very bad, don’t say too much. I have not driven yet in the circuit, so I don’t know if it is bumpy or smooth, I don’t know if the brakes are hard or if the pianos are hard… I don’t know anything”.

“Really, I don’t know what to say. It’s just another new circuit. There is a very narrow part, has a very long straight… I don’t have much to say about it. Monaco is the circuit city, and I do not make it so. Why don’t they do street circuits as they used to do? I don’t understand”.

Interestingly, the complaints of Hamilton went in the opposite direction to those of some pilots, and they focused on the width of certain points. As well, offered their impressions on the way out of the curve 16 and the width of the long straights.

“it is Only a path on the track, so at least I know where to go. After the first few laps tomorrow, I’m pretty sure that I know if is difficult or not. When I arrived at the hotel and I looked out of my window, I could only see a curve, the 16, and I think it has a way too big. From the white line to the wall on the left there is like 10 meters”.

“don’t design circuits, but I like Monaco, which has barely any loopholes except in the areas in which you really need. This is super wide in some places, as much as a highway, but with luck it will be fun”.