GP Europe: Complicated debut of Ferrari in the Baku City Circuit


There was the beginning dreamed of for Ferrari in the European GP. The first two sessions of free in the Baku City Circuit left to the pilots of the Italian brand somewhat unhappy, since the problems to put in optimum temperature the tyres were joined by two technical issues in FP2. All in all, Sebastian Vettel has won the fifth and eighth in the two sessions free, while Kimi Räikkönen has had time more discreet in their fast laps, and has not been able to spend in any of the two sessions of the twelfth position.

Within the above-mentioned problems, Sebastian Vettel has had a pace more consistent, so that the German has wanted to be positive: “at The end I don’t think we had a bad day. It is not very good that Kimi could not finish the session, but after all we did a lot of laps. The track is pretty interesting, and I think we’ve learned well. The car felt good, but lacks a bit of speed. There are long straights that lead into heavy braking, and find references is not easy for all trees or references, they look the same”.

The German pilot also recognized the problems of Ferrari with the grip: The track was quite slippery in the beginning, so it was more fun to ride in the afternoon. Although this is a great circuit and quite a challenge in the high-speed sections, it is precisely our main problem is the lack of performance despite the fact that all was well for us. we’re too far away and that we are concerned, because we are not fast enough. Even so, I’m sure you’ll find something for tomorrow because I have confidence in the team, in the car and in myself”.


For his part, Kimi Räikkönen has accused a greater extent the problem with the tires, as acknowledged at the end of the day: “The layout is pretty good, it is different and fun to drive. When a new track was quite slippery at the beginning, but this is normal. The balance of the car is not too bad, but the problem today was to run the tires. The challenge was to keep them in temperature in the first lap. As they passed the turns, the tire seemed to go better. Even so, to do a lap time fast was not easy“.

In relation to the problems of reliability that had the car Räikkonen and that led to the Finnish to stop the car in a way by the order of the team, Kimi has not wanted to provide any further clues: I don’t know that was the problem at the end of the session. It is clear that something happened because the car stopped, but I still don’t know very well why. Once the car returns to the box we will be able to understand what it is that happened. We have a lot of work ahead to see in the data we can improve for tomorrow”.