GP Europe: Day of chiaroscuro, and loot scarce for Williams


The rhythms of Williams from Friday, not auguraban a weekend easy for the team from Grove in Baku, despite its usual conservatism in the free practice sessions. In the race, both cars ended up to exchange roles with respect to their starting positions, and the team Claire Williams exits the Grand Prix of Europe with only one digit in points scored.

After a Saturday complicated by the bizarre incident in Free practice 3, Valtteri Bottas was a career helpful in that he was able to win two positions thanks, in part, to a successful one pit stop strategy executed to perfection that has allowed him to finish the proof in sixth place.

The Finnish driver said that his position is the maximum to which he could aspire with the performance on track that has demonstrated today his car, but believes that the team has to work for their spectacular speeds on straight (378 kilometers per hour on Saturday) are processed in time per lap:

“it Has been a good day for us, because the pace that we have
had today didn’t give us for nothing more
. I think that has been a good run for my
part, and we managed to execute the strategy to a stop, that has been the
better today”.

“I’m glad to have been able to preserve the tires and make
work, because that made it possible for the sixth place. The team did a great
work with what we had today, the strategy and the stop. Now we have to
work hard, because we need better positions than this one. We have to
to make the car faster
, and then we will be fighting for another podium soon”.

The race was diametrically opposed to Felipe Massa. The brazilian driver started the day in a promising fifth place, but her car is accused of a lack of performance tremendous, caused by the problems Massa had to warm up their tires, according to the pilot himself, and ended up in the last position of points.

Massa has declared to want to turn the page as soon as possible, and hoped that Williams examine in depth what happened this week to avoid a repeat in future careers.

it Has been a terrible race for me to forget. I have suffered massively with the tyres, I could not get them to work, and I was having a lot more degradation in the rear of what I thought I would have”.

“A point is more of what could have been, because I have not been able to drive the car in the proper manner, nor have I been able to conserve the tyres. Maybe we have to change something in the car in the future to make the tyres work differently to here in the future”.