GP Europe: Optimism in the Force India at the Grand Prix of Europe


Hülkenberg and Pérez, during the Canadian GP. Photo: Force India

Although the result of Force India was not as bright as in Monaco, where Sergio Perez managed to finish on the podium, the Canadian Grand Prix has been an injection of optimism for the team angloindia. For the second consecutive race, he managed to put his two drivers in points positions, with Nico Hülkenberg eighth and his fellow mexican-tenth. Five points that strengthen his fifth place in the constructors, ten ahead of Toro Rosso.

Almost without a break, comes the Great Prize of Europe, which was disputed for the first time in the street circuit of Baku in Azerbaijan. A track unknown to all, who mix the sections slow typical of any path street with a very fast last sector, a combination that inevitably force you to look for a difficult commitment to regulate the cars. But that doesn’t scare Hülkenberg or Perez, that with the good results in tracks as disparate as Monte-carlo and Montreal believe that they are able to score points in the rest of the appointments.

Perez did not come out all happy at the Gilles Villeneuve, but after having scored in the last four races only thinks of prolonging the winning streak.

The last weekend was not the easiest for me, so I have reached a point was a good result, because I have four races in a row by adding and at very different circuits, which increases my confidence and makes me think that we can aspire to a place among the first ten in each race. I’ve seen the video onboard of Baku that has spread, and my first impression is that it’s going to be a challenge: there are sections of slow but it seems much faster than Monaco, the type of circuit I like.

Nico Hülkenberg share sensations with your partner and after making the most of the Grand Prix of Canada has been as optimistic about the future possibilities of Force India.

Canada was a trouble free weekend in which I got the maximum; finishing eighth in a race with so few dropouts was a good result and showed that we can now score points in all parts, and we have every reason to believe that we can continue with this streak. I am excited at this career in Baku, I love to know new circuits. This seems fast for what it is a street circuit, with a huge line and some parts twisty that require you to seek commitments at the time of giving the single-seater. I love this type of track because it gives you unique emotions and is much more challenging to take the limit of both the car and yourself.