GP Europe: Rosberg falls in love in Baku, Hamilton suffers again


The first GP of Europe held in the streets of Baku has left two races very different to the pilots of Mercedes-AMG. While Nico Rosberg returned to the path of victory to consolidate his lead in the Formula 1 World championship and to achieve its fifth win of the year, Lewis Hamilton had a race against in which, perhaps, paid for his mistakes during the qualifying session. Neither helped the defending champion, the problems he had in his car with the map management engine and was forced to compete with lower-power.

Nico Rosberg was the happiness at the end of the GP of Europe in the capital of azerbaijan. And so it reflected in their statements: “I’m very happy to win here in Baku. I Really felt very comfortable in the car, as I had never felt before. The car was incredible this weekend, so I have to thank the team. I started to feel it in the classification of yesterday, and that feeling has been repeated today. What is certain is that we had a race quite easily from the front of the group“.

despite his solid performance and his great victory in Baku, Rosberg acknowledges having had a moment of panic when he has lost for a moment power in your car: “I Had a little bit of concern when I felt the power was down a bit to the middle of the race. The engineers could not tell me that is what I had to do, so I had to take a look at the wheel and I tried to fix it myself. Worked well, so I can only give thanks to Baku for this purpose great weekend. We are already looking at Austria”.


Very different was the career of Lewis Hamilton: I have No idea what happened today. Had No power. I was in an engine mode that he did feel the car as if you were riding without ERS for a long time. We have hundreds of different combinations and the more that I looked at my screen to try to figure out what was wrong, could not see anything different to other times. It is a formula, a fairly complicated and once more it has become apparent that is not a beneficiary to avoid that we can troubleshoot these things on track with help“.

With this problem, Hamilton has tried to survive in Baku: “If I had been able to resolve it, could have fought with the riders ahead of me. In the end, with ten laps from the end I managed to solve the problem, but there was nothing to win or lose, because I had ten seconds to the rider that was in front of me. At this point I decided to get off of turns of the engine to preserve it, knowing that the points are important. Today has not been my day and the result is the one that is. we Add the points of a fifth position and is already time to start thinking about the next race“.